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maxmess-software On-Site Photo 2010.1.9.1 Software
maxmess-software On-Site Photo 2010.1.9.1

maxmess-software On-Site Photo 2010.1.9.1

On-Site Photo is a software for determining dimensions of digital photos. The distinctive feature of this software is its simple operation. On-Site Photo is a universal tool to:

  • determine quantities in digital photos
  • redraw views on digital photos
  • draw 3D components on digital plans
  • lay and visualize solar modules in digital photos (V2010)
  • design photos with colors and textures 
On-Site Photo is the basis of a family of further image measuring programs intended for special applications. All functions of the program curamess are included in On-Site Photo.
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maxmess-software On-Site Survey 2014.1.4 Software
maxmess-software On-Site Survey 2014.1.4

maxmess-software On-Site Survey 2014.1.4

We recommend to exclusively use On-Site Survey 2014 on tablet pcs that can be switched to pen only operating. Desktop programs generally and specially On-Site Survey can be used more accurate and comfortable with pen operating.On-Site Survey can’t be used on IPads, Android or Windows RT.

  • The geometry is created locally by entering the measured values of floor plans , spatial elements and device objects.
  • With the help of images , voice narration , video and sketches of the building state is documented.
  • Recording of facility management data is fully configurable and describes the features of the building.
  • Inconsistencies in the survey and documentation be detected and corrected immediately locally - thus eliminating the repetitive inspections.
  • If necessary, existing planning documents are used.
  • Leica lasers with Bluetooth module are taken the measured values wirelessly. 
On-Site Survey is a quality assurance system for survey and documentation work:
  • Application advantage: On-Site Survey integrates the acquisition of geometry , building condition and factual information.
  • Security advantage: On-Site Survey ensures the completeness and accuracy of inventory data and provides traceable and verifiable results.
  • Time advantage: On-Site Survey shortens the time from acquisition of inventory data locally to the development of drawings in the office. 
In the version of 2014, the entire user interface has been equipped with large buttons and texts. This can also be used on tablet PC 's with higher screen resolutions Survey.

All Leica DISTO laser with Bluetooth module can be used with Survey 2014, although there are differences depending on the operating system. The following devices were successfully tested to transfer measured data via Bluetooth:
  • Windows Vista/7 Leica DISTO plus / Leica DISTO A6 Leica DISTO D8 / Leica DISTO D3aBT
  • Windows 8.x all of the above Laser plus DISTO D110 / D510 / D810
To use the Leica Laser under Windows Vista/7, the software "Leica DISTO transfer PC", version from 4.06 is to install.
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