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SebecTec Canon v1.2.1032 Software
SebecTec Canon v1.2.1032

SebecTec Canon v1.2.1032

SebecTec software - maker of IPTimelapase and Canon DSLR software for easy IP camera and DSLR timelapse projects. Use IPTimelapse to capture IP camera snapshots, archive, upload with on-image weather and create automated timelapse video. Can also be used for stand-alone timelapse creation.

IPTimelapse Canon time lapse software will snap pictures, make time-lapse video, upload FTP to website and archive images. It has many of the same features of IPTimelapse for IP cameras.  Auto switch day/night settings at sunrise/sunset.  Operation: Connect your camera to your computer using USB.  Set your camera to always stay on.  Launch IPTimelapse Canon and start taking pictures.  Verified using Canon Rebel T1, T3, T5, 1100D, 1200D, EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 7D.  Supports other Canon models listed below. IPTimelapse DSLR makes it a snap to get your images onto a website with timelapse – use as an ultra hi-def webcam.  Perfect for construction monitoring with archive.  

More info.

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SebecTec Webcam v3.7.5 Software
SebecTec Webcam Ultra v3.7.5

SebecTec Webcam v3.7.5


  • On image local weather (temperature, wind, rain) from NOAA or personal weather stations on weatherunderground
  • Auto archiving in date stamped folders
  • Auto time-lapse full-day and intra-day with uploads. Can set video size and bitrate quality
  • Control image jpeg quality of upload and save files
  • Run from local sunrise/sunset option
  • Process image with color saturation and unsharp mask to make a real nice picture
  • Option to capture images at a fast rate say every 10 seconds but upload at a slow rate say every minute. This allows you to make a very smooth time-lapse without wasting bandwidth with large and frequent uploads
  • Thumbnail upload and thumbnail only upload option
  • Two FTP destinations option
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SebecTec IPTimelapse v2.7.1005.0 Software
SebecTec IPTimelapse v2.7.1005.0

SebecTec IPTimelapse v2.7.1005.0

IPTimelapse connects to your camera to automatically produce a timelapse video for Construction monitoring, Site promotion, Weather webcam and Security. IPTimelapse can auto upload jpeg images and time-lapse video on a schedule.  The many features include on-image weather, logo, cropping and sunrise/sunset option.  IPTimelapse is low bandwidth as it reads only jpeg snapshots and not a continuous video stream.

More info.

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