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RISA-2D v12.0.0 ---
RISA-2D v12.0.0

RISA-2D v12.0.0 

RISA-2D is easy to learn, and powerful to use. With an intuitive interface and familiar spreadsheets, you can solve your next problem in minutes, not hours. Quickly analyze everything from simple beams and trusses to shear walls with openings. Break problems down to their basics and go.

Packed with the most current steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, and timber design codes, RISA-2D gives you the tools to tackle multi-material projects with confidence. Advanced features such as flexible design rules and a custom concrete Layout Editor allow the engineer to control the design, not just the program.

Review your results for the entire model graphically, or view member detail reports to see analysis results and design calculations (including sketches with rebar callouts) for each member.

See RISA-2D in action.
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RISA Section v2.0.1 ---
RISA Section v2.0.1

RISA Section v2.0.1 

RISA Section allows the user to define any type of complex cross section either by combining standard shapes or by defining new shapes. Multiple materials are permitted in the same section. RISA Section calculates all the section properties, including the torsion constant. Sections created in RISA Section may be used in RISA-3D, RISA-2D and RISA Floor.

RISA Section includes many powerful editing features such as automatic stacking and aligning, unlimited UNDOs, as well as the ability to create beautiful reports with cross section graphics and much more. The program supports imperial and metric units. When creating shapes you can use the convenient "snap-to-grid” grid, or specify the coordinates of each shape directly. Of course, comprehensive online help is also included.

See RISA Section in action.

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RISA Connection v3.0.1 Software
RISA Connection v3.0.1

RISA Connection v3.0.1

RISA Connection provides a comprehensive steel connection design with the aid of a 3D model. RISA Connection aids in your calculations, giving you full control of the connection type and components and the speed to change the connection with a flip of the switch.

RISA Connection takes the complexity out of calculations by listing explicitly the calculations and the code check values. Review your results in an easy-to-read report or inspect the connection in a 2D shop drawing-style drawing.

See RISA Connection in action.

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RISA Floor v7.0.2 Software
RISA Floor v7.0.2

RISA Floor v7.0.2

RISA Floor designs floor systems and works hand in hand with RISA-3D and RISA Foundation to provide a more complete structural engineering software solution for building design. RISA Floor will manage loads, design beams and columns, create quality CAD drawings, and constantly serve RISA-3D the information that it needs for the design of lateral systems. 

Working on one model, RISA Floor does all of the bookkeeping, letting you move seamlessly between RISA Floor and RISA-3D. RISA-3D integrates seamlessly with RISA Floor, allowing you great freedom in defining and analyzing both simple and complex systems. At any time you may move between RISA Floor and RISA-3D to make changes and see how they carry through the project.

RISA Floor has full graphical modeling capabilities that let you draw and edit your model on the screen. You may also use powerful spreadsheets that RISA is known for. Spreadsheets make non-graphical editing easy, and verification a snap. Graphic display of the model, along with applied loads and rendering, is always available. Presentation quality results are provided with interactive results review, quality rendered graphics and custom reports.

See RISA Floor in action.
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RISA Foundation v5.0.2 Software
RISA Foundation v5.0.2
RISA Foundation v5.0.2

RISA Foundation gives you the ability to solve and optimize all types of foundation systems, including mat foundations, grade beams, pile caps, retaining walls, isolated spread footings and combined footings.

RISA Foundation also fully and completely integrates with RISA-3D and RISA Floor, providing a complete structural design solution. Whether running standalone or from within RISA-3D/RISA Floor, RISA Foundation provides unparalleled ease, flexibility and power for the drawing, design and optimization of foundation systems.

Automatic mesh generation, thick plate modeling and comprehensive rebar calculations and detailing are some of the many reasons why RISA Foundation stands apart.

See RISA Foundation
in action.

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RISA-3D v11.0.2 Software
RISA-3D v11.0.2
RISA-3D v11.0.2

Fast, Accurate, Productive — just a few ways engineers describe RISA-3D. Easily the most popular general 3D analysis/design software available, our intuitive interface and familiar spreadsheets help you solve your next problem in minutes, not hours.

Packed with the most current steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, masonry, aluminum and timber design codes, RISA-3D gives you the tools to tackle multi-material projects with confidence.

RISA-3D also integrates seamlessly with RISAFloor and RISAFoundation, including links to top detailing, drafting, and BIM packages for a complete building design solution.

See RISA-3D in action.

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