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Mercury VSG Open Inventor v8.0.2 for Visual Studio Software

Mercury VSG Open Inventor v8.0.2 for Visual Studio 2005 x86


Mercury VSG Open Inventor v8.0.2 for Visual Studio


Mercury Open Inventor is an object-oriented, crossplatform 3D graphics toolkit for the development of industrial-strength, interactive, 3D graphics applications
using C++, .NET or Java. Open Inventor provides the power and functionality of OpenGL at an object-oriented level. The easyto-use API, extensible architecture, and large set of advanced components provide developers with a high-level platform for rapid prototyping and development of high-end, advanced 3D
graphics applications. Open Inventor delivers enhanced productivity, performance, flexibility and reliability for development of your most demanding applications that require robust and evolutionary technologies to meet the highest challenges in 3D visualization.

Core Features:

  • Object-Oriented 3D API.
  • Optimized 3D Rendering.
  • Advanced Support of OpenGL Shaders.
  • Advanced Development Help.
  • Comprehensive 3D Kernel.
  • Large Model Visualization.
  • Remote Rendering, VR Capabilities and Multi-Display.
  • Multithreading.
  • Computing Framework API.


  • VolumeViz Extension enables interactive visualization of very large datasets. Volume rendering, slicing, iso-surface extraction and embedded 3D geometry can be combined in a single Open Inventor-developed application.
  • ScaleViz Extension is a set of breakthrough technologies which implement rendering distribution on clusters and multi-GPU configurations along with scene and image compositing to solve the most challenging demands in visualizing very large datasets at interactive frame rates.
  • MeshViz Extension is a high-level data visualization component designed for scientific, manufacturing, finite element, fluid dynamics, and reservoir engineering visualization applications. MeshViz provides advanced representations for multidimensional data and fast, high-quality rendering techniques and supports any type of regular and unstructured 3D/2D meshes from CAE, FEA, CFD and Reservoir Engineering applications.
  • DirectViz Extension allows Open Inventor applications to visualize 3D scenes with very high realism and scalability by using the OpenRTRT real-time ray-tracing engine as an alternative to OpenGL.
  • HardCopy Extension allows applications to output graphics as PDF-3D documents, and in several vector formats such as CGM, HPGL, PostScript, and GDI/EMF.
  • Data Converter Extensions provide integrated capabilities for converting various CAD/CAM file formats to Open Inventor file formats. These extensions allow developers to add sophisticated import capabilities to their existing applications.
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