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MapText Label-Web v2.0 + Label-Contour v1.6 Software
MapText Label-Web v2.0 + Label-Contour v1.6

MapText Label-Web v2.0 + Label-Contour v1.6

MapText is the leading label-placement solutions provider for local, state, and national government mapping agencies worldwide. Its software places text automatically for virtually any kind of map or chart – to high cartographic standards and at incredible speed. The software is in use worldwide for making city street maps, highway maps, cadastral maps, soil maps, utility maps, as well as nautical and aeronautical charts.

Label-Web is a high-quality text placement engine that labels web-based maps on the fly in a GeoMedia WebMap 5.2 environment. Label-Web can be easily integrated into a server-side script by adding a few lines of code to include the Label-Web application and initiate the text placement.

Label-Contour позволяет автоматически производить корректную вставку подписей элементов рельефа и горизонталей на картах.
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MapText Label-Edit v5.3.0.249 Software
MapText Label-Edit v5.3.0.249

MapText Label-Edit v5.3.0.249

MapText Label-EZ is the program for automated labeling for paper and digital maps. Label-Edit is a toolbar within the third-party software suite. Label-Edit will be used in conjunction with one another to automatically create annotation features and manually manipulate them, as appropriate for the study. Once the panel(s) has been automatically annotated, you can use the Label-Edit tools to modify the visibility, placement, orientation, and properties of each annotation feature. Label-Edit also enables you to add leader lines to spatial features where necessary.

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MapText Label-EZ v5.3.0.273 Software
MapText Label-EZ v5.3.0.273

MapText Label-EZ v5.3.0.273

MapText Label-EZ is the program for automated labeling for paper and digital maps. Label-EZ is MapText’s flagship product. It places text on maps and charts automatically, without any human intervention, eliminating the need for manual text placement. Placement is in full conformance with applicable cartographic specifications and conventions – without text overlap, without ambiguity, and with a high degree of aesthetic quality. Conflict resolution is checked over all map layers. And when finished, Label-EZ automatically generates an index file. It is compatible with all major GIS systems.

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