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M.E.P.CAD AutoSPRINK v12.0.51 Software
M.E.P.CAD AutoSPRINK Platinum v12.0.51 x64

M.E.P.CAD AutoSPRINK v12.0.51

AutoSPRINK is stand-alone Fire Protection software for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. This powerful software from MEPCAD, Inc. signals a revolutionary approach to fire sprinkler systems.  Based on a myriad of new concepts, ideas and composition methods, AutoSPRINK is causing designers to rethink the possibilities of fire sprinkler systems.

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M.E.P.CAD AutoPRICER v12.0.0 Software
M.E.P.CAD AutoPRICER v12.0.0

M.E.P.CAD AutoPRICER v12.0.0

Even negotiated projects need pricing and continued change order costing. AutoPRICER is without a doubt the most incredible estimating software ever created for that purpose and much more. If I may say so, estimating and sales is my forte' and once you experience the elegant simplicity of this all encompassing program you will agree, it was built from the ground up by industry savvy leaders and not just programmers. Here again I don’t want to go into minute detail as you can explore the AutoPRICER program guide on our site but I do want to explain some of the time saving, error checking and management features of the program. As you would expect it will provide totally accurate and concise estimates from scratch or from AutoSPRINK drawings in just a fraction of the time with a minimum of input. Because of the internal intelligence of system components, simple sketches and drag and drop pre established "kit assemblies” can be placed in an estimate drawing combined with automated commands to place fittings, couplings and supports to make simple work of estimating the most complex projects. 

The program also contains a built-in "Proposal Generator” that creates detailed "MS word” proposal documents, including design criteria by area, point and click qualifications, clarifications, inclusions and exclusions etc. It contains another feature called "Design Transfer” that keeps track of all relevant design information collected during the bidding process ready to hand over to the design department. Some of its features include, bid design specifications, pre-bid meeting notes from contractors, consultants, AHJ’s etc., value engineering ideas and possible change orders to pursue. If you have costing and accounting programs that assist with the clerical operations AutoPRICER has built-in communication systems that are compatible with most commercially available programs. You can also order AutoPRICER with a built-in simplified estimators specific version of AutoSPRINK to provide automated hydraulic calculations and the ability to easily compare differing designs to determine the most cost effective.
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M.E.P.CAD AlarmCAD v5.0.12 Software
M.E.P.CAD AlarmCAD v5.0.12

M.E.P.CAD AlarmCAD v5.0.12

AlarmCAD is fire alarm system design software. This powerful new design system employs familiar elements of the best-selling AutoSPRINK fire sprinkler software with a comprehensive array of innovative features unique to the design of alarm systems. AlarmCAD provides you with the tools to generate alarm system designs more accurately and in half the time. AlarmCAD is a system so advanced and flexible, yet practical and cooperative that design is unflinchingly fun. And we're not through yet; M.E.P.CAD is continually adding new features and exciting enhancements to keep AlarmCAD on the cutting edge of technology. Real automation for fire alarm software, this is the future of Computer Aided Design, and M.E.P.CAD brings it to you readymade, prepackaged and right for the job.

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