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Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.3.2.4164 Software
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.3.2.4164 x64

Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.3.2.4164

Agisoft PhotoScan is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data to be used in GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation, and visual effects production as well as for indirect measurements of objects of various scales.

More info.
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IDEA StatiCa v8.0.16.43607 Software
IDEA StatiCa v8.0.16.43607 x86+x64

IDEA StatiCa v8.0.16.43607

IDEA RS is developing a new generation of designing and checking programs. Structural engineers and consultants use them to design residential, civil and industrial structures. We deliver a flexible system of programs to enhance output and working comfort of every engineering office.

IDEA StatiCa enables engineers to design every new construction cheaper and safer by minimizing risks of structural defects, decreasing material consumption of construction members/details by up to 30%, reducing time spent on designing of construction members/details by up to 50%, providing 100% ”white box” results for engineers, general contractors, checkers and construction authorities.

IDEA StatiCa has three main parts:
  • IDEA StatiCa Concrete is used by engineers dealing with members/details of concrete structures. Designing is based on internal forces model created either in IDEA StatiCa or imported from FEA programs like Midas, Axis VM, SCIA Engineer and others. More info.
  • IDEA StatiCa Prestressing is used by engineers for the design of members, cross-sections, and details of prestressed concrete structures and bridges. The program is suitable for an extensive range of applications in both pre- and post-tensioned concrete market. More info.
  • IDEA StatiCa Steel is used by engineers dealing with members, joints, connections, details and cross-sections of steel structures. Its functionality is organized into modules depending on the member which is to be analyzed and designed – Connection, Beam, Column, Frame etc. More info.
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PCI Geomatica 2017 build 2017-04-11 Software
PCI Geomatica 2017 build 2017-04-11 x64 + Data

PCI Geomatica 2017 build 2017-04-11

PCI Geomatica широко используют для фотограмметрической обработки данных дистанционного зондирования Земли (ДЗЗ) и их подготовки для дальнейшего применения в картографии, геоинформационных проектах, интернет публикациях и других приложениях. Программа имеет множество уникальных встроенных возможностей для обработки данных ДЗЗ и обеспечивает интеграцию растровых и векторных изображений.

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Truth Concepts v1.90.30.04 Software
Truth Concepts v1.90.30.04

Truth Concepts v1.90.30.04

Truth Concepts is the software that tells the whole truth about all things financial.

Truth Concepts enables you to educate your clients on strategic investment choices:
  • ”Should we purchase with cash or finance major purchases?”
  • ”What effect will fees and taxes have on wealth-building?”
  • ”Which mortgage will help us build more long-term wealth?”
  • ”Is this rental house worth purchasing?”
  • ”What’s more important: reducing taxes, debt, and other expenses, or earning a higher rate of return?”
  • ”How can we help our children with college without sabotaging ourselves?”
  • ”What kind of life insurance makes the most sense for us?”
Advisors, agents, and other finance professionals use Truth Concepts to:
  • Consult and Compare - Provide personalized answers to client questions and concerns by comparing any strategy, investment, mortgage or other financial vehicle. With Truth Concepts, you’re a trusted advisor, not a salesperson.
  • Communicate and Educate - Invite interactive discussions with our comprehensive calculators. Show key concepts such as opportunity costs, funding strategies, true qualified plan returns, the benefits of diversifying with life insurance, and much more.
  • Build Trust with Total Transparency - Although the software is designed for financial professionals, anyone can purchase Truth Concepts™, attend a Truth Training, or take an online class to learn how to use Truth Concepts software.
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SimGarage 3DSimED3 v3.1h Software
SimGarage 3DSimED3 v3.1h

SimGarage 3DSimED3 v3.1h

3DSimED is a Windows DirectX application allowing the creation and visualization of models from many racing sim formats. Models can be exported to Assetto Corsa, Automobilista,  rFactor 2 (and 1), GTR2, Race 07, GTL, N2003 and many other games. Sim formats which can be imported include F1-2016, rFactor2, Assetto Corsa, Grid AutoSport,F1-2010 to F1-2015, NFS Shift, DIRT, GRID,  Race 07, GTR Evolution, STCC The Game, GTR2, rFactor, GTL, GTR,  Papyrus Nascar 2003 & Grand Prix Legends (GPL), Formula 1 2002 (F1 2002). 3DSimED can also read & write FBX, Collada DAE, 3DSMax .3DS, SketchUp .SKP,  allowing data to be exchanged with many 3D editors and also applications such as KsEditor the Assetto Corsa editor.

More info.
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GenArts particleIllusion v3.0.4 Software
GenArts particleIllusion v3.0.4

GenArts particleIllusion v3.0.4

particleIllusion is a standalone application that allows you to quickly and easily create amazing effects: explosions, smoke, fire, sparkles, motion graphics backgrounds, space effects, creatures, and abstract artistic effects - literally hundreds of different types of effects, with amazing realism and complexity.

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Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office v5.85 Software
Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office v5.85

Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office v5.85

Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office software is a powerful and easy-to-use software package of GNSS postprocessing tools. Incorporating Trimble DeltaPhase differential correction technology the software is designed to develop GIS information that is consistent, reliable, and accurate from GNSS data collected in the field.

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Update 6005 for Graphisoft Archicad 20 Software
Update 6005 for Graphisoft Archicad 20

Update 6005 for Graphisoft Archicad 20

This is update only. For both RUS and INT versions.

Main installers are here: RUS and INT

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CNC Consulting EditCNC v3.0.2.9 Software
CNC Consulting EditCNC v3.0.2.9

CNC Consulting EditCNC v3.0.2.9

EditCNC is the perfect companion to your CAD CAM software. A lightning fast text editor designed for CNC programmers has many powerful features designed purely for CNC programming and editing.

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WeBBusterZ Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design v6.0 Software
WeBBusterZ Engineering Software Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design v6.0

WeBBusterZ Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design v6.0

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design (PHex) is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the thermal analysis and calculations of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers. The calculations are performed through a series of click buttons arranged in order. Please note that the software can only do the basic design calculations the mechanical design! The software is easy to use and have the ability to calculate unknown temperatures. The plate dimensions and materials can be entered, this includes the size of plate heat exchanger and chevron angle.

More info.
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