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National Pump Selector build 13156 Software
National Pump Company National Pump Selector build 13156

National Pump Selector build 13156

National Pump Selector is a program that enables you to quickly search across National pump catalog and identify the pumps available for the required application. You can select and evaluate centrifugal and air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps from manufacturers' electronic catalogs.

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Diolkos3D Fast Terrain v3.0.17.0 Software
Diolkos3D Fast Terrain v3.0.17.0

Diolkos3D Fast Terrain v3.0.17.0

Simple and powerfull software for TIN models and quantities estimation within autonomous CAD environment. Integrates very sophisticated triangulation and contours computation algorithms including functionallity for breaklines, boundaries, surface editing as well as ritch utilities for quantities estimation.

More info
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Diolkos3D Diolkos v10.01 Software
Diolkos3D Diolkos v10.01

Diolkos3D Diolkos v10.01

Diolkos is complete and autonomous road design software. It covers all the cases of road design projects including highways, local and collector roads (at urban or rural regions), roads inside forest areas, multiple road projects such as intersections, motorways with service roads etc.

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Bentley FlowMaster CONNECT Edition Software
Bentley FlowMaster CONNECT Edition

Bentley FlowMaster CONNECT Edition

Bentley FlowMaster - программа для гидравлического анализа открытых каналов, труб, плотин, и отверстий. FlowMaster позволяет быстро выполнить гидравлические расчеты для различных типов элементов систем канализации, для оптимизации входных отверстий и плотин. Выполняется проектирование и анализ водозаборных решеток, лотков, канав, и входных отверстий с использованием алгоритмов, основанных на методологиях FHWA Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 12 и Circular No. 22. Вычисляется наполнение и глубина желоба. Выполняется анализ течения жидкости в трубопроводе, исходя из длины трубы, начала и конца процесса изменения уровня и давления, наполнения и диаметра. Приложение FlowMaster рассчитывает потери напора на трение потока с помощью формул Куттера, Дарси-Вейсбаха и Хазен-Вильямса. Проектирование и анализ каналов, канав, и не заполненных объемов трубы любой формы, включая прямоугольные, эллиптические, параболические, и каналы произвольной формы. Проектирование размеров плотин, исходя из нагрузок, коэффициентов, верхнего бьефа и критического подъема воды для прямоугольных, круглых и произвольных отверстий, исходя из критического подъема воды.

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EzeJector Ejector Simulation 2017 Software
EzeJector Ejector Simulation 2017

EzeJector Ejector Simulation 2017

Use EzeJector software as your ONE STOP SERVICE for ejector design. Get quick and accurate results to close in on your best alternative! Or do you need an ejector design done for you? We can size and specify ejectors for a wide range of applications. Or do a rating for an existing ejector. Go to our Case Design Page.​ Your challenge as a process engineer is working out whether an application will work and what the flow rates and conditions are to make it work.

How the ejector energy balance works:

The motive gas accelerates to sonic velocity in the nozzle throat (choked flow) with pressure decreasing by approximately 45% (depending of gas properties). The gas continues to accelerate to Mach >1 in the outlet section of the nozzle, with the pressure reducing to that required to draw in the entrained gas. The ejector nozzle is also known as a De Laval nozzle. Pressure reduction of the motive gas has thus been converted isentropically into usable kinetic energy. Some energy is lost because of isentropic efficiency <100%. The entrained gas is drawn into the mixing section and also accelerates to sonic velocity (there are cases where it does not reach sonic velocity but these are not described here). Once again there is some energy loss due to isentropic efficiency <100%. The motive gas and entrained gas have different velocities. Momentum is preserved as they mix, but kinetic energy is lost. In general, the greater the ratio of motive gas pressure to entrained gas pressure, the greater the loss of kinetic energy. The mixed gas is still supersonic as it leaves the mixing section. A shock wave then occurs as it enters the diffuser . Flow becomes subsonic and a step change increase in pressure occurs. The gas decelerates in the diffuser with kinetic energy being recovered as increased pressure. As above, some energy is lost due to isentropic efficiency <100%. Friction against the internal metal surfaces of the ejector causes additional energy losses.

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Diolkos3D WaterNET-CAD v2.0.1.155 Software
Diolkos3D WaterNET-CAD v2.0.1.155

Diolkos3D WaterNET-CAD v2.0.1.155

WaterNET-CAD. Complete pipes network design software within autonomous CAD environment. Includes design modules for sewer, vacuum sewer and water distribution network facilities. Creates professional reports for bill of quantities (BOQ) as well as reports of hydraulic calculation.

More info

Video tutorials can be found on this channel
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Happy New Year! Other

Happy New Year!

Dear friends!

From the bottom of my heart let me congratulate you with the coming of the NEW YEAR!

Let me wish you and your families happiness, health and prosperity for the coming year!

Have a good celebration of this unforgettable day with your love ones!

Sincerely yours,


In addition specially for Russian speaking members:

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Bentley STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22 ( Software
Bentley STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22 (
including Foundation Advanced (, RCDC (, Building Planner (

Bentley STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition V22 (

Bentley STAAD.Pro - лидер в области программного обеспечения для расчета строительных конструкций и проектирования. Bentley STAAD.Pro - выбор профессионала для проектирования любых структур, в том числе водопропускных труб, нефтехимических заводов, тоннелей, мостов, многоквартирных домов и многих других конструкций из стали, бетона, лесоматериалов, алюминия и холодногнутой стали. Bentley STAAD.Pro сертифицирован по системе сертификации ГОСТ Р.

Более подробно тут
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Weise Fluchtplan 2018 Software
Weise Fluchtplan 2018

Weise Fluchtplan 2018

Mit der Software Fluchtplan 2019 können Architekten und Ingenieure, Brandschutz- und Sicherheitsbeauftragte, Arbeitssicherheitsfachkräfte, Gutachter oder Facility Manager Flucht- und Rettungspläne gemäß DIN ISO 23601 und DGUV 9 mehrsprachig erstellen. Darüber hinaus lassen sich auch Feuerwehrpläne nach DIN 14095 inklusive normgerechter Symbolik und Feuerwehrlaufkarten generieren. Die Pläne können ganz einfach von Grund auf neu generiert werden oder auf Grundlage von DXF-, DWG- oder PDF-Dateien eingelesen werden.

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APF Nexus WoodPanel v1.1 Software
APF Nexus WoodPanel v1.1

APF Nexus WoodPanel v1.1

APF WoodPanel lets you design timber slabs (XLAM or CLT), according to Eurocode 5 (EC5). All you have to do is specify the dimensions, the configuration and the actions. APF WoodPanel performs all the required checks for ULS, according to Eurocode 5. The results are displayed in the graphic environment and the user can save a detailed report with calculation details and images. The user interface is designed to simplify your work. You can change every value (cross sections’ size, timber beam length, etc.), recalculate and the results are immediately available. All the design variables, such as load coefficients, material properties (mechanical properties of timber), can be adjusted by you, according to your needs (or the requirements of any National Standard or National annex to the Eurocodes). APF WoodPanel performs a structural analysis of the panel calculating the normal and shear stresses in the crossed layers. The forces and stresses acting on the panel faces are displayed by the graphical interface, for each load case separately.

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