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Thunderhead PetraSim v5.2.0611 Software

Thunderhead PetraSim v5.2.0611 x86

Thunderhead PetraSim v5.2.0611

PetraSim — представляет собой графический интерфейс для TOUGH2, TOUGH2-MP, T2VOC, TMVOC, TOUGHREACT, TOUGH-Fx/HYDRATE. Эти тренажеры признаны во всем мире за их мощные возможности моделирования потока жидкости и теплообмена в пористых и трещиноватых средах.

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FLOWSOLV v4.10.3 Software

FLOWSOLV v4.10.3

FLOWSOLV v4.10.3

Why not consider FLOWSOLV integrated oil and gas fluid and flow calculation software designed for metering engineers? All the calculations you need are included in a single package that takes full advantage of Microsoft Windows for ease of use.

  • Calculations are immediately available on your desktop for use at any time.
  • Comprehensive, integrated suite of oil and gas fluid and flow measurement software.
  • Provides robust calculations with vigorous traceability to national and international standards.
  • Includes a wide selection of calculations based on national and international standards, papers and manufacturers data. Includes API, AGA, ASTM, GPA, IP, ISO, EN and BS.
  • Traceable to national and international standards to ensure you of the quality and accuracy of the results.

More info about calculations is here.

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PROKON v2.5.21 SP1 Software

PROKON v2.5.21 SP1

PROKON v2.5.21 SP1

PROKON Structural Analysis and Design (Структурный анализ и дизайн) разработан командой профессиональных инженеров и предназначен для использования структурными инженерами и техниками. PROKON представляет собой набор нескольких десятков структурных анализов проектирования. Пакет имеет модульную природу, но его истинная сила заключается в тесной интеграции анализа и проектирования.

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Flaretot v1.1.18.0 Software

Flaretot v1.1.18.0

Flaretot v1.1.18.0

Flaretot is total flare system design & analysis software. Flaretot is created for all aspects of flare design. This software is developed and compiled by 4 engineers with combined total over 100 years of experience in flare system design, fabrication and operation.

More info is here.

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Safer Systems Trace v9.0 Software

Safer Systems Trace v9.0

Safer Systems Trace v9.0

One of the challenges of managing a chemical facility is the ongoing need for process safety improvements. Plants are continually required to revalidate major incident assessments and, as plants age, standards of compliance tighten. Shareholders expect efficient and cost-effective maintenance but traditional Process Hazard Analysis studies are costly and time intensive.

TRACE is a set of consequence assessment solutions that allow rapid visualization of a potential failure involving airborne hazardous material. It allows engineers to study how incremental mitigation techniques may improve safety and help them focus on what must be put in place to mitigate the hazard. This, in turn, helps assess the value and need to conduct an intensive process hazard analysis.

TRACE incorporates an intelligent wizard feature that allows the user to easily and rapidly describe a scenario. Once processed, results can be viewed in tabular or graphical formats. Output information can be exported to other applications like word processors, spreadsheets and presentation managers.

More info is here.

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Korf Hydraulics v3.2 Software

Korf Hydraulics v3.2

Korf Hydraulics v3.2
Korf Hydraulics is a user friendly program for calculating flow rates and pressures in pipes and piping networks. It is extremely flexible in what you can specify, with the program solving the unknown flows, pressures and sizes. Korf Hydraulics is equally well suited for applications ranging from a single pipe to complex networks where the flow rate in all or part of the network is unknown.

Korf Hydraulics is used by many engineering companies, including Reliance, PCS, Foster Wheeler, WorleyParsons, Linde, Colt, SNC Lavalin, Ambitech, Quotient, KPI, Kensington, IQA, Effective Project, Boeing, Opus, Amec, Terasen, Triad, Bectel, Stepan, Propak as well as smaller contracting companies and individuals.

Version 3.2 is now available and support the following key features:
  • Advanced graphical interface and extensive reporting facilities.
  • Liquid, isothermal compressible and several 2-phase methods.
  • Multiple pipe databases, including non-cylindrical pipes.
  • Pipe fluid properties can be based on that of another pipe (reference pipe).
  • Flexible pipe sizing routines, and ability to ignore non-standard sizes.
  • Fittings can be represented by the Crane or 2-K method.
  • Heat loss from pipes can be estimated.
  • Equations to simulate wells, spargers and to link specification to other equipment.
  • Advanced equipment sizing and rating facilities (flow meters, control valves, etc).
  • Built-in flash calculations and facilities to import data from simulators (Hysys, etc).
  • Support for binary interaction coefficients and pseudo components.
  • Support for multiple cases (normal, rated, etc).
  • Quick calculation tools for pipes, orifices and control valves.
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Honeywell Risk-IT v1.0 Software

Honeywell Risk-IT v1.0

Honeywell Risk-IT v1.0

Risk-IT automates Risk Based Inspection (RBI) to help users quantify and manage risks, while prioritizing equipment inspection to ensure optimum equipment service life and safety. Users can leverage its unique flexibility to address individual equipment service data as well as company-specific requirements for risk analysis and inspection planning.

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Templagenics Digital Pipe Fitter v1.72b Software

Templagenics Digital Pipe Fitter v1.72b x86

Templagenics Digital Pipe Fitter v1.72b

With this software, you can print pipe cutting templates for any of a large variety of joints. 3D visualization of joints makes this software so easy and fun to use, you will be able to design joints you never dreamed were possible. Make your own pipe cutting templates. Print to any printer or export to an AutoCAD DXF file. Choose the type of joint you want, enter pipe sizes and desired dimensions, print a template on your printer, wrap template around the pipe, and cut on the line. It's that easy to create template patterns for saddle joints, miters, wyes, rolling offsets, segmented turns and much more. Now, Digital Pipe Fitter includes node joints for use in truss structures.

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Zeataline Projects PipeData-PRO v8.2.17 Software

Zeataline Projects PipeData-PRO v8.2.17

Zeataline Projects PipeData-PRO v8.2.17

PipeData-PRO является простой в использовании компьютерной программой, предоставляющей доступ к обширной базе данных труб, трубопроводов, фланцев, клапанов и прочих проектных данных.

Более подробно тут.

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Ensoft Shaft v2012.7.3 Software

Ensoft Shaft v2012.7.3 x86

Ensoft Shaft v2012.7.3

SHAFT is a computer program used to evaluate the axial capacity and the short-term, load-settlement curves of drilled shafts or bored piles in various types of soils. In general, the majority of axial capacity methods used by SHAFT are based on the latest FHWA manual. In addition, several extra axial capacity methods are provided for clay shales, gravels, and gravelly sands.

The analytical methods employed by SHAFT are based on experimental data obtained from hundreds of well-instrumented axial load tests of full-sized drilled shafts. Newer criteria for soil response of gravel and weak rock were modeled after papers of recent publication.

SHAFT can analyze the axial capacity and settlement behavior of drilled-shafts in eight types of soil and rock models. SHAFT can accommodate any combination of soil and rock layers in a layered profile. The soils and rock models in SHAFT are the following:

  • clay - cohesive geomaterial (FHWA), 
  • sand - cohesionless geomaterial (FHWA), 
  • clay - shale (Reese & Aurora), 
  • strong rock - using either side resistance or end bearing (FHWA), 
  • strong rock - using both side resistance plus end bearing (for comparison),
  • decomposed rock/gravel (FHWA),
  • weak rock - cohesive intermediate geomaterial (FHWA),
  • gravel - cohesionless intermediate geomaterial (Rollins et al),
  • gravelly sand (Rollins et al).
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