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DynaRoad v5.3.0.15757 Software

DynaRoad v5.3.0.15757

DynaRoad v5.3.0.15757

Финская компания DynaRoad Oy является разработчиком программного обеспечения и сервисов для управления проектами в области гражданской инженерии и строительства инфраструктуры, например, магистралей, туннелей, железных дорог, городских зон и портов.

ПО DynaRoad предназначено для оптимизации перемещения земляных масс, планирования на основе LBS-сервисов и контроль за производством.

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MicroSurvey inCAD 2013 v13.1.0.0 Software

MicroSurvey inCAD 2013 v13.1.0.0
for english version of AutoCAD only

MicroSurvey inCAD 2013 v13.1.0.0

MicroSurvey inCAD transforms AutoCAD into a survey and design powerhouse while maintaining a fully integrated user interface within AutoCAD.

AutoCAD on its own is a powerful drafting program. But, Surveyors need tools to help them compute coordinates, balance traverses, annotate drawings, compute areas and the list goes on. Adding inCAD to your existing copy of AutoCAD is like switching from measuring with a chain to measuring with an EDM. After a few months you'll wonder how you ever worked without it!

More info is here.

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Carlson SurvPC v2.61 Software

Carlson SurvPC v2.61

Carlson SurvPC v2.61

Carlson SurvPC – это мощное программное обеспечение для персонального компьютера (аналог SurvCE для КПК), предназначенное для сбора и обработки полевых данных.

With SurvPC, get the world's most flexible & powerful data collection software on the PC platform. This means: increased hardware capability; increased virtual memory & increased ability to work with large sets of data; increased screen size & more convenient touch screen usage.

Like Carlson SurvCE, SurvPC supports the widest range of popular and new release RTK GPS and conventional/robotic total stations. Carlson SurvCE and SurvPC are complete data collections systems for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS and Total Stations with in-field coordinate geometry. SurvPC can be utilized on standard Windows PC computers such as ruggedized laptops.

Advantages include: Bigger screen display; Bigger buttons (on touchscreen computer); More graphic power; More processing power; Full Windows PC compatibility; File formats same as Carlson office products (.fld vs .fcl files for field-to-finish); Compatible symbol libraries; Import Microstation .dgn files; Import and Export AutoCAD .dwg files; Aerial photo overlays; Output to Excel.

New from Carlson SurvPC is the ability to work in the Esri ArcGIS system, yet with a familiar interface, achieving seamless accuracy in GIS. New functionality allows users to use Esri’s Map Objects to perform all survey functions with no downtime learning new software.

In the new ArcGIS-enabled version of Carlson SurvPC, Esri’s Desktop can be used intuitively to perform all survey functions; ArcGIS points, lines and polygons can be used for staking. ArcGIS Nodes can be used for resections and localization; and users will be able to query GIS feature attributes at any time with the Store Points, Stake Points, and Map View screens.

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GlobalCAD Symbols Packs 1-4 2013 Software

GlobalCAD Symbols Packs 1-4 2013

GlobalCAD Symbols Packs 1-4 2013

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 1 serves the essential needs of architects, land planners and irrigation professionals (2D).

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 2 serves the essential needs of architects, land planners and irrigation professionals (3D).

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 3 serves the essential needs of landscape designers, land planners and irrigation professionals (2D).

GlobalCAD Symbols Pack 4 serves the essential needs of landscape designers, land planners and irrigation professionals (3D).

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GlobalCAD Exchange 2013 v1.2 Software

GlobalCAD Exchange 2013 v1.2

GlobalCAD Exchange 2013 v1.2

GlobalCAD Exchange helps you deploy CAD standards with ease and enables instant messaging for the entire design team. GlobalCAD Exchange enables you to manage and deploy custom menus across your AutoCAD or Bricscad user network. Incorporate company layering standards, links to CAD documents or even load third-party applications including LISP and ARX files - all at the click of a button! GlobalCAD Exchange also meets the messaging and collaboration needs of today's design business. The network services feature enables CAD users to see exactly who is working on what drawing in real-time. More than this, users can send and receive instant communications relating to drawings including requests for ownership of DWG, DXF and DWT files when needed. With these collaborative tools, GlobalCAD Exchange enables fast access to the design team members and drawing data you want, anytime and anywhere within your organization.

Key Features:

  • Easily and quickly create custom menus inside your CAD system and share them with the entire design team.
  • Utilize menus for the deployment of company layering standards.
  • Publish links to company documentation or web pages.
  • Load third-party utilities e.g. LISP, ARX.
  • Administer live menu updates at any time from a central location. 
  • Determine who has particular drawings open with live ownership reporting of all DWG, DXF and DWT files.
  • Send instant messages to design team members directly within CAD or broadcast messages to user groups.
  • Review design team activities in real-time.
  • Save valuable time! Bonus network tools help manage shared blocks, design details and plotter settings.
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GlobalCAD Landscape 2013 v1.2 Software

GlobalCAD Landscape 2013 v1.2

GlobalCAD Landscape 2013 v1.2

GlobalCAD Landscape is the integrated landscape design solution that simplifies the way you work with AutoCAD and Bricscad. In today's competitive environment, GlobalCAD Landscape boosts productivity and helps you deliver winning designs ahead of time.

Key Features:

  • Freedom to investigate design concepts with professional 2D symbol libraries.
  • Published in association with industry experts, design libraries are indexed into familiar categories, saving valuable drafting time.
  • Instant ribbon/toolbar access to symbols, hatch patterns and complex linetypes.
  • Create stunning presentations with an outstanding array of 3D models, featuring landscape GIS and civil.
  • All models are render-ready with applied materials for fast, effortless photorealistic results directly within AutoCAD/Bricscad.
  • Options also exist for seamless export to visualization packages such as Autodesk 3DS Max and AccuRender.
  • Browse and compare blocks and drawing details fast within libraries.
  • Create extensive libraries containing 2D, 3D and attributed blocks within seconds - with no user intervention necessary.
  • Generate surveys with ‘intelligent’ survey markers - for ultimate accuracy.
  • Move any markers in your drawing and their associative XYZ label automatically updates to reflect their new position.
  • Easily create 3D surface terrains (mesh and solids options) covering vast areas with a single mouse click.
  • Conversion tools to instantly transform any existing surface mesh to solids.
  • Quickly attach attribute and cost information to drawing objects and symbols.
  • Query drawings and export data to popular formats including MS Excel and Access.
  • Bi-directionally link drawings and corresponding spreadsheets.
  • The most complete reference with extensive data on over 10,000 plants.
  • Uniquely expandable, add your own plant data, photographs and more.
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GlobalCAD Architecture 2013 Software

GlobalCAD Architecture 2013 (ex-LandARCH)

GlobalCAD Architecture 2013

Компания GlobalCAD анонсировала новую версию продукта Architecture 2013 (ex-LandARCH) , превосходного решения для архитекторов и ландшафтных дизайнеров, использующих инструменты на базе платформы AutoCAD и, внимание, Bricscad!

GlobalCAD Architecture 2012 поможет значительно повысить продуктивность труда перечисленных выше специалистов благодаря превосходному набору инструментов для двухмерного и трехмерного проектирования, наличию встроенного модуля расчета затрат и составления спецификаций материалов (BOM), и механизмов управления проектами. В комплект поставки входит впечатляющая библиотека 3D-моделей, которые могут обрабатываться в приложениях AutoCAD и Bricscad или передаваться для последующего рендеринга в специализированные пакеты, такие, как Viz Render и 3DS Max.

GlobalCAD Architecture 2013 поддерживает новую версию AutoCAD 2013.


Более подробно тут.

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GlobalCAD Terrain 2013 v1.2 Software

GlobalCAD Terrain 2013 v1.2

GlobalCAD Terrain 2013 v1.2

The essential tools in GlobalCAD Terrain make it easy to create accurate and intelligent site surveys and stunning 3D terrain models with a single mouse click.

Working with site survey data forms a critical component of any project. Information can be presented as anything from 2D markers to points in 3D space or contours. GlobalCAD Terrain gives you the tools to generate 'intelligent' surveys, either by converting an existing drawing or starting from scratch. Move any intelligent survey point marker and its associated XYZ value automatically updates to suit the new location.

Furthermore, you can generate 3D surface terrain models covering vast areas with a single mouse click. The terrain is developed by connecting the given survey points and forming triangles to create a surface model. Using advanced algorithms, GlobalCAD Terrain can produce these models as polyface meshes or solids (including volumetric data).

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Optimized Gas Treating ProTreat v5.0 Software

Optimized Gas Treating ProTreat v5.0

Optimized Gas Treating ProTreat v5.0

ProTreat software was originally developed for simulating processes for the removal of H2S, CO2, and mercaptans from a variety of high and low pressure gas streams by absorption into thermally regenerable aqueous solutions containing one or more amines. Recently added capabilities include the physical solvent DMPEG (dimethylether of polyethyleneglycol) for acid gas removal, and dehydration using triethylene glycol (TEG). The ProTreat package makes exclusive use of a column model that treats the separation as a mass transfer rate process. This completely eliminates the need for empirical adjustments to simulate new applications correctly. Equilibrium stages and user-supplied estimates of tray efficiencies and HETPs are avoided, and columns are modeled with the number of real trays and physical depth of real packing they actually contain.

ProTreat simulation never requires you to translate theoretical stages or NTU's into actual tray counts or bed depths of real packing. The ProTreat mass transfer rate model deals with real trays and packing right from the outset. It calculates the separation achievable by the specific internals selected for installation in a given tower shell (including swages). Even such details as the number of tray passes is considered.

The ProTreat simulator's mass and heat transfer rate based model for columns applies to both absorbers and regenerators. This can produce substantially different temperatures for the vapor and liquid leaving a tray or a packed segment. It also allows regenerators to be modeled with the same high degree of reliability as absorbers. Because regenerator performance more often than not is decisive in setting contactor performance, the ability to simulate regenerators can be critical to success in revamps, troubleshoots and grass roots designs. Mass and heat transfer rate based modeling is especially valuable in selective treating applications where controlled CO2 slip is wanted. In such applications absorber over-design can be as fatal as under-design. One of the most difficult-to-simulate applications is regenerator off-gas upgrading. ProTreat handles such applications just as easily and naturally as it does conventional absorbers.

The ProTreat package has the full flexibility needed to allow any imaginable flowsheet for amine-based acid gas removal process to be constructed and simulated. From the user's perspective, drawing functionality is similar to Corel Draw. A flexible flow-sheeting capability is needed when simulating processes with the complexity often found in refineries where, for example, multiple contactors at various pressures are supported by one or two common regenerators. In addition to absorbers and regenerators, unit operations blocks include flash tanks, heaters and coolers, cross-exchangers, mixers, dividers, compressors, and turbines.

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Bentley StormCAD V8i Software

Bentley StormCAD V8i (SELECTseries 2) x86+x64

Bentley StormCAD V8i

Bentley StormCAD является программным обеспечением для комплексной разработки и анализа систем ливневой канализации. Интуитивный интерфейс программы делает как никогда легким процесс разработки и анализа систем ливневой канализации от уличного стока до водовыпускного отверстия. Bentley StormCAD обеспечивает расчеты объёма стока, интенсивности входного потока, ливневого стока и потока в трубопроводе.

Bentley StormCAD является готовым решением, что позволяет использовать его автономно, или в AutoCAD. Независимо от используемой платформы, программное обеспечение Bentley StormCAD содержит единый набор файлов с данными модели для надлежащей функциональной совместимости с каждой из платформ.

Автономный интерфейс предоставляет легкие в использовании инструменты компоновки модели, поддержку фона сложной структуры, утилиты преобразования из CAD, GIS и баз данных, а также неограниченное число уровней отмены и восстановления операций компоновки. Кроме этого, пользователи AutoCAD могут добавить функции интеграции AutoCAD для создания, компоновки и построения диаграмм моделей с прецизионной точностью в среде, которая уже стала для них привычной.

Bentley StormCAD определяет перехват потока водоприемниками коллекторной системы и направляет поток по обводным каналам к выбранным конечным точкам. Водоприемники могут быть рассчитаны по методике Федерального управления шоссейных дорог США (FHWA) HEC-22, а в качестве водоприемников можно выбирать решетки, бордюры, люки, кюветы и их комбинации. Инженеры могут использовать разнообразные методы вычисления потери напора, включая методы HEC-22 Energy и AASHTO.

Bentley StormCAD используется для определения докритических, критических и закритических условий с помощью надежных стандартных медленно изменяющихся пошаговых алгоритмов. Bentley StormCAD рассчитывает потери напора на трение потока с помощью формул Маннинга, Куттера, Дарси-Вейсбаха и Хазен-Вильямса, а также позволяет выбирать отрезки трубопровода круглой, квадратной, сводчатой или эллиптической формы и отрезки канализации неправильной, трапецеидальной или треугольной формы.

Bentley StormCAD использует рациональный метод расчета расхода пика паводка при проектировании коллектора ливневой канализации. Вместо расхода, рассчитанного рациональным методом, Bentley StormCAD также допускает непосредственный ввод известных значений расхода для приточных водоприемников. Допускается вводить или импортировать данные о времени концентрации водосбора, или указывать минимальное допустимое время концентрации для предотвращения превышения объёма максимального стока для небольших водоприемников.

Bentley StormCAD позволяет указывать данные интенсивности, продолжительности и частоты осадков (IDF) с помощью формул (включая Hydro-35) или таблиц. При выполнении моделирования можно затем строить кривые IDF и повторно использовать их данные для других проектов в этом регионе.

Инженер может работать с неограниченным числом областей водосбора и использовать C-коэффициенты для каждого водоприемника водосбора. Bentley StormCAD позволяет вводить внешние сточные бассейны, дополнительные и переходящие потоки для моделирования внешних стоков, вносящих вклад в нагрузку любого водоприемника.

Bentley StormCAD предоставляет несколько методов вычисления времени прохождения, включая полную скорость внутри трубы, нормальную скорость, среднюю конечную скорость и средневзвешенное значение скорости.

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