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cGPSmapper v0100d Software
cGPSmapper v0100d

cGPSmapper v0100d

cGPSmapper is a program which allow to convert vector maps in file(s) of a format understandable by your Garmin GPS receiver and Garmin MapSource software. With cGPSmapper you will be able to produce maps, which works with all Garmin mapping devices. cGPSmapper can work with several different input format files - ESRI files, OziExpolorer files and easy to understand text based Polish Format files.

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BabelColor Color Translator & Analyzer (CT&A) v4.5.0, PatchTool v4.7.0 Software
BabelColor Color Translator & Analyzer (CT&A) v4.5.0, PatchTool v4.7.0

BabelColor Color Translator & Analyzer (CT&A) v4.5.0, PatchTool v4.7.0

BabelColor CT&A is a collection of tools specifically designed for Color Translation, measurement, & Analysis. Tools are grouped by theme in individually managed windows; these windows are controlled with a menu or a toolbar window. The RGB vs RGB tool is a bidirectional RGB color-space translator and comparator tool. The RGB vs RGB tool accepts manually entered L*a*b* and RGB inputs; it does not require a color measurement instrument although many colorimeters and spectrophotometers can be used to input data (instruments purchased separately; a list of supported instruments is available here). All other tools need spectral data in order to provide results; these tools are collectively called spectral tools. The CRI tools can accept input from an i1Pro or i1Pro 2 fitted with am ambient adapter OR from a file (an instrument is NOT required). All other spectral tools require a connected i1Pro or i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, manufactured by X-Rite (the FluoCheck tools can only use an i1Pro 2).

PatchTool is designed to import, measure, process, and export color lists in a color-managed environment. Import CGATS, CxF1, CxF2, CxF3, text files, and Adobe Swatch Exchange (".ase") files). Extract the colors from a target image. Extract a profile from a file. Open small TIFF files as patches. Perform unconstrained display measurements with the  Display-Reader tool. Characterize your display  with  Display-Check using a built-in set of patches, or patches from any opened color list. Supported instruments: X-Rite i1Display Pro, Eye-OneTM Display, DTP94 (formerly from MonacoOPTIXTM), i1Pro, i1Pro 2; Datacolor Spyder2TM, Spyder3TM, Spyder4TM. Use  Patch-Reader tool to measure colors in reflectance with an X-Rite i1Pro or i1Pro 2. Select between three measurements modes: unconstrained measurements; a custom chart with user-assigned rows and columns; or a chart defined by an opened file. With the i1Pro 2, you can select the M0/M1/M2 measurement condition as defined in  ISO 13655-2009. Process color lists: re-arrange, average, compare with  statistics, profile conversion,  substrate/backing conversion. With Gamut Tools you can  convert colors using one or two ICC profiles, check if a color list will be clipped by a profile conversion, determine the gamut volume of a profile, and generate fixed pitch color lists.Export to CGATS, plain text, or CxF3 file format.  Export to CxF3 compliant files used by X-Rite's  i1Profiler (see the detailed CxF3 export specs and  Application Note AN-10). Export lists as images, to Adobe Swatch Exchange files, or as as color catalogues (Color Decks) to be used within the BabelColor CT&A program.
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AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter 2016 v3.5 Software
AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter 2016 v3.5

AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter 2016 v3.5

AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter converts PDF into DWG and DXF, as well as vector and raster into vectorized editable drawing. Now the version of AutoCAD 2016 is supported.

Key features:
  • Enhanced conversion quality by Smart Object Recognition.
  • Convert PDF to editable DWG and DXF file.
  • Retaining accuracy of lines, arcs, and True Type texts.
  • Accepts single page and multi-page PDF input.
  • Support specific pages conversion.
  • Convert raster image to vector entities.
  • Batch conversion supported.
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AutoDWG DWGSee Pro 2016 v4.20 Software
AutoDWG DWGSee Pro 2016 v4.20

AutoDWG DWGSee Pro 2016 v4.20

AutoDWG DWGSee Pro - удобная программа просмотра файлов формата DWG. Просматривает, отображает, измеряет, конвертирует и печатает файлы DWG, DXF, DWF. Поддерживает формат рисунков AutoCAD, начиная от R2.5 и заканчивая новейшей, 2016-й, версией.
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Lone Wolf Automotive Wolf v4.547.00 Software
Lone Wolf Automotive Wolf v4.547.00

Lone Wolf Automotive Wolf v4.547.00

Vehicle Management Software designed to manage your preventive car maintenance schedule, remind you when service is due, track all your vehicle expenses, monitor your fuel efficiency, help you avoid repairs and keep your vehicle in top running condition. Completely user configurable so it can be used for any car or truck. Simply using the software will save you money on repairs and extend the life of your vehicles.

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Aquaveo WMS v10.0.11 Software
Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System v10.0.11 x86+x64

Aquaveo WMS v10.0.11

Aquaveo WMS является ведущим решением для 1D-гидрологического, 1D-гидравлического и 2D-распределенного гидрологического моделирования. Aquaveo WMS содержит мощные инструменты для топографической обработки данных, автоматизированного разграничения бассейна, расчета геометрических параметров.
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Ensoft LPile 2015 v8.03 Software
Ensoft LPile 2015 v8.03

Ensoft LPile 2015 v8.03

LPILE is a special-purpose program based on rational procedures for analyzing a pile under lateral loading using the p-y method. LPILE solves the differential equation for a beam-column using nonlinear lateral load-transfer (p-y) curves. The program computes deflection, bending moment, shear force and soil response over the length of the pile.

As an option, components of the stiffness matrix at the pile head may be computed internally by LPILE so users can incorporate basic soil-structure interaction in their super-structure analyses. Another option from LPILE provides graphs of pile-head deflections for various pile lengths, to help users with optimum pile penetrations (for lateral response).

Nonlinear lateral load-transfer from the foundation to the soil is modeled using p-y curves generated internally using published recommendations for various types of soils. Special procedures are programmed for computing p-y curves for layered soils and for rocks. Alternatively, the user can enter manually any other externally generated ip-y curves.

Five types of pile-head boundary conditions may be selected, and the structural properties of the pile can vary as a function of depth. LPILE has analytical features to compute the nonlinear moment-curvature relationships and nominal moment capacity of a pile’s section based on specified pile dimensions and nonlinear material properties. Optionally, the user may enter nonlinear moment-curvature relationships to be used in place of the internally-generated values. LPILE provides several design recommendations for rebar arrangements in drilled shafts.
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Blue Marble Global Mapper v17.0.092215 Software
Blue Marble Global Mapper v17.0.092215 x64

Blue Marble Global Mapper v17.0.092215

Вышла новая версия программы для просмотра карт и векторных изображений - Global Mapper v17.0

Global Mapper позволяет не только просматривать но и преобразовывать или редактировать, а даже и распечатывать всевозможные карты и векторные наборы данных. Global Mapper позволяет вам загружать ваши данные как слои ( только с условием, что вы работаете в Digital Elevation Model), или же как отсканированную карту, если вам надо изобразить местность в 3D. Есть также хорошая особенность, что позволяет вести работу в реальном времени. Происходит это путем загрузки данных с GPS приемника который подключен к компьютеру. 

Global Mapper поддерживает огромнейшее число форматов. Работать с ней легко и просто, интерфейс не перенасыщен различными опциями, вы можете смело работать в ней и не задумываться о том, куда нажать, что бы сделать что - то.

Please Note: The Global Energy Mapper module is now built into Global Mapper
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AFT Fathom 9 build 2015.09.01 Software
Applied Flow Technology Fathom 9 build 2015.09.01 

AFT Fathom 9 build 2015.09.01

Applied Flow Technology Fathom - программно-аналитический комплекс моделирования потока в трубопроводе. Удобный графический интерфейс, встроенная библиотека оборудования, арматуры и флюидов, широкие аналитические возможности, схематическое изображение создаваемого объекта, все это реализовано в AFT Fathom и предоставляет инженеру проектировщику возможность системного подхода в реализации проектов любой сложности. AFT Fathom обладает большим спектром возможностей не являясь при этом компромиссом между функциональностью и сложностью в освоении и использовании.

Разработанные на платформе AFT Fathom дополнительные модули расширяют возможности моделирования в трех областях:
  • XTS - eXended Time Simulation, моделирование неустановившихся режимов во времени.
  • GSC - Goal Seek and Control, автоматизация определения соотношения исходных значений с требуемыми значениями, для контроля процесса вычисления внутри системы.
  • CST - расчет стоимости проекта созданной модели.
More info.

New features.

Video tutorials.
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MixZon CORMIX v9.0 GTR Software
MixZon CORMIX v9.0 GTR

MixZon CORMIX v9.0 GTR

CORMIX is the most comprehensive tool available for mixing zone modeling and analysis, wastewater outfall design, optimization, management, and monitoring. CORMIX has improved capabilities for modeling drilling muds and cuttings discharges from offshore oil and gas operations. The new version includes an updated CorPlot tool which can be used to graph bottom sediment deposition plots and other 2D/3D graphics that help with the analysis of model results from simulations of discharges during typical drilling operations. The model and post processing capabilities have been updated and improved to be able to perform time series analysis of depth varying ambient conditions usually encountered during such offshore operations. CORMIX v9.0 GTR has now been updated to dynamically couple with a Far-Field model like Delft-3D FLOW. The coupling allows for the dynamic linking of the two models, communicating and running concurrently on different computers. The CorHyd multiport diffuser design tool with advanced graphics and hydraulics analysis has been updated to support most common wastewater discharges, including vertical multiport diffuser designs.

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