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GeoStru DownHole v2014.9.1.261 Software
GeoStru DownHole v2014.9.1.261

GeoStru DownHole v2014.9.1.261

The downhole seismic method (DH) measures the time taken for the P and S waves to move between a seismic source located on the surface of the ground, and the receivers, placed inside a borehole.

Once entered the information for the project, the depth reached and the travel times, we can get:
- the distances from source to receiver;
- corrected travel times;
- speeds of P and S waves;
- some important geotechnical parameters;
- the travel time graph with seismic layers from which can be determined the average velocity in each layer, some average geotechnical parameters and VS30;
- the graph of P and S waves interval velocity and definition of seismic layer;
- graphics relating to geotechnical parameters, derived for each interval;
- the stratigraphy of the borehole;
- the final report.

The import of SEG2 files ensures to this software a high compatibility with the working tools.
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GeoStru MDC v2014.20.4.715 Software
GeoStru MDC v2014.20.4.715

GeoStru MDC v2014.20.4.715

MDC is a software product for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete retaining walls either resting on their own foundation or on piles, optionally supported by tiebacks. The geotechnical computation employs the standard geotechnical methods subject to user choice and carries out the verifications prescribed by standard selected, amongst which global stability even in seismic conditions. Structural evaluations performs reinforcements sizing and verification with Ultimate Limit State or Allowable Tensions.

Supported computation standards: Eurocod 7/8, NTC 2008, STAS, British Codes BS8004/BS8110.

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GeoStru GDW v2014.18.0.182 Software
GeoStru GDW v2014.18.0.182

GeoStru GDW v2014.18.0.182

GDW analyzes walls in gabions, simple concrete weirs and GABIONS weirs in static ad seismic conditions. GDW has advanced graphics features including the three-dimensional view through which you can examine in detail the inputs made​​. Safety checks are carried out for load combinations defined by the user in accordance with the directives imposed by new regulations.

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GeoStru MP v8.15.1.440 Software
GeoStru MP (Pile, Micropile) v8.15.1.440

GeoStru MP v8.15.1.440

Pile and micropile software is intended for calculation of the bearing capacity of the foundation terrain of a pile or micropile bearing loads in whatever distribution (moment, normal force, shear). Structural calculation yielding dimensions of longitudinal steel struts, interval and size of rings is also performed. The worksheet, upon which is shown the plan of piles or micropiles inserted in the foundation terrain, may be dimensioned as required. Geometric characteristics of the paling and the elements connected thereto (loads, location of trial sounding/boring and seismic stress) together with the geotechnic parameters of the terrain may be entered and altered within the worksheet activating the available functions either in the drop down menus, relocatable toolbars or through hot keys.

More info.
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GeoStru Liquiter v2014.12.1.278 Software
GeoStru Liquiter v2014.12.1.278 Italian

GeoStru Liquiter v2014.12.1.278

Liquiter valuta il potenziale di liquefazione durante i terremoti mediante i seguenti criteri di previsione e metodi: criteri empirici; metodi semplificati.

Sono previste le seguenti opere di consolidazione - dreni, pali di ghiaia, heavy tamping.

More info.
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GeoStru LoadCap v2014.21.1.702 Software
GeoStru LoadCap v2014.21.1.702

GeoStru LoadCap v2014.21.1.702

LoadCap id design for the computation of limit load in loose soils or rock, according Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen, Vesic, Brinch-Hansen, Richards etc. Al, the computation of bearing capacity factors (according to the instructions for the geotechnical design in seismic areas - Italian Association of Geotechnical Engineering).

Settlements: Elastic (Timoshenko and Goodier), Oedometric, Schmertmann, Burland & Burbidge, liquefaction usig the method of Seed and Idris (1971). The settlements can be calculated at any point either inside or outside the foundation. Limit load in seismic conditions: SHIKHIEV & JAKOVLEV, RICHARDS, NTC 2008 Circolare applicativa.

Diagrams: Limit load as a function of the foundation base, of the depth of the bearing surface, of the acting loads. Unlimited number of layers. Display of pressure bulbs and failure wedges.

Supported computation standards: Eurocode 7/8, British Codes BS8004, Norme tecniche costruzioni (NTC 2008), NTC - Circolare 2 Febbraio 2009, n. 617, C.S.L.LPP.

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GeoStru Stratigrapher v2014.20.0.254 Software
GeoStru Stratigrapher v2014.20.0.254

GeoStru Stratigrapher v2014.20.0.254

Stratigrapher enables the construction of stratigraphic columns for geologic or geotechnical usage and further the documentation of well construction. User form design is enabled through the provision of a document template editor. The resultant documentation model(s) can be stored for reuse. Thereafter the selection of documentation format is by the selection of templates. On the document, adjacent columns, user selected by choice of template, present the lithologic, lithotypes and exploration characteristic recorded during trial borings or well construction characteristics. Bitmap patterns are inserted directly from supplied libraries whose background and texture images may be user updated and personalized. The program permits simple modification of the elevation level of lithologic properties and the insertion of the standard trial results obtained during borings (Packet, Vane, sampling and Phreatic water table etc.) The document so produced may be saved as well as printed directly and the saved copy may be used permits their export and insertion in the profiles of other GeoStru programs.

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GeoStru GFAS v2014.10.0.275 Software
GeoStru GFAS v2014.10.0.275

GeoStru GFAS v2014.10.0.275

G.F.A.S. (Geotechnical and F.E.M. analysis System) is a recent product of Geostru for mechanical analysis of soil using finite elements methods. This is a complete solution that integrates all functions required for the analysis of geotechnical problem areas such as: tunnels, slope stability, excavations, embankment settlements, foundation settlements, interaction between structures and soils.

More info.

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GeoStru Paratie / SPW v2014.24.1.527 Software
GeoStru Paratie / SPW (sheet pile wall design) v2014.24.1.527

GeoStru Paratie / SPW v2014.24.1.527

Sheet walls are relatively thin, vertical structures, embedded in terrain to a depth sufficient to support an uphill embankment/downhill excavation thrust, including water and surcharges. This type of structure can be constructed of driven prefabricated steel pile sections, adjacent, bored cylindrical piles, and reinforced concrete sheet elements usually produced on site. The methods used for analysis / verification are: Limit Equilibrium Method (LEM) and Finite Elements Method (FEM). The methods mentioned are of increasing complexity from both the numerical point of view and for the amount of geotechnical parameters necessary for the calculation.

More info.
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GeoStru Easy MASW v2014.19.2.69 Software
GeoStru Easy MASW v2014.19.2.69

GeoStru Easy MASW v2014.19.2.69

Easy MASW is a new software for the interpretation and archiving of seismic data using the MASW method (Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves). It is a very easy-to-use application that, with simple steps, performs the analysis of the shear waves velocities Vs. The software allows the inversion using more modes. During the spectral processing phase the user can view the dispersion of a customizable synthetic model and the results are plotted directly on the velocity-frequency spectrum. The generation of the velocity-frequency spectrum has been improved to allow a more effective identification of modes. The user can select the points on which the inversion is performed directly on the velocity-frequency spectrum and assign to each point the mode to which it refers.

More info.

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