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Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i SS5 v20.07.10.66 Software
Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i SS5 v20.07.10.66 build 28/01/2015
(including STAAD.foundation V8i release 5.3)

Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i SS5 v20.07.10.66

Bentley STAAD.Pro - лидер в области программного обеспечения для расчета строительных конструкций и проектирования. Bentley STAAD.Pro - выбор профессионала для проектирования любых структур, в том числе водопропускных труб, нефтехимических заводов, тоннелей, мостов, многоквартирных домов и многих других конструкций из стали, бетона, лесоматериалов, алюминия и холодногнутой стали. Bentley STAAD.Pro сертифицирован по системе сертификации ГОСТ Р.

Более подробно тут.

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Bentley GSFEM v19.00.39.00 Software
Bentley GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis v19.00.39.00 build 21/01/2015 

Bentley GSFEM v19.00.39.00

The GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis contains tools for performing Finite Element modeling for a range of geotechnical problems including excavation, slope stability, foundation beams, settlement, tunneling, and more.

More info.
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Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v19.00.39.00 Software
Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v19.00.39.00 build 21/01/2015

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v19.00.39.00

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis is geotechnical analysis software, which allows you to evaluate alternate design scenarios within a single, interoperable product suite, ensuring that the subsurface data is used efficiently for an integrated project delivery.

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis includes Excavation Analysis, Foundation Analysis, and Retaining Wall Analysis.

More info is here.
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Bentley Power GEOPAK V8i SS4 Software
Bentley Power GEOPAK V8i SS4 build 22/12/2014

Bentley Power GEOPAK V8i SS4

Bentley Power GEOPAK is proven civil engineering road design software that works the way you want with the power you need to complete your transportation infrastructure projects. It provides complete CAD drafting capabilities, powerful mapping tools, and design automation for civil engineering professionals. Power GEOPAK features an innovative road design approach using constraint-driven, 3D parametric modeling in a total-project context. Power GEOPAK includes robust tools for Survey data reduction, Site design, Road design, Storm and sanitary design.
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Bentley PowerSurvey V8i SS4 Software
Bentley PowerSurvey V8i SS4 build 22/12/2014

Bentley PowerSurvey V8i SS4

PowerSurvey is a comprehensive survey data management solution. It provides surveying professionals with a complete set of survey-specific tools for both InRoads and GEOPAK. Built on MicroStation PowerDraft, the software directly processes the data from your field survey device and automatically displays the resulting graphics onscreen. You can then manipulate the data using PowerSurvey's editing, reduction, and adjustment tools. PowerSurvey communicates with all industry-leading data collectors. Connect your data collector directly to a personal computer, laptop, or tablet PC and use PowerSurvey to manage the survey data. PowerSurvey can also upload GEOPAK or InRoads data to the data collector for field stakeout procedures. PowerSurvey supports extensive feature databases that detail the representation of each survey shot or feature — including symbolization, labeling, DTM control, and more. The feature database is completely user-definable and ensures standardization from the field surveyor to designer. As you process data, the software draws points and features in accordance with the feature table specified. With this powerful capability, you can generate drawings onsite —immediately after the survey has been collected — for in-field verification. Editing and adjusting your survey data is an intuitive process when you use PowerSurvey. The software employs industry-standard routines to quickly make geometry adjustments and finalize your data. PowerSurvey offers least squares, compass rule, and transit rule adjustments. You can visually inspect the adjusted data and complete the topographic drawing in both DGN and DWG formats. The data can then be shared with the members of the project team that are using either GEOPAK or InRoads. Bentley PowerSurvey includes integrated coordinate geometry (COGO) tools. This valuable toolset enables you to perform offset commands, intersections, traverse, and many other geometry commands. Additionally, you can leverage the data generated with other modules of the InRoads and GEOPAK families of products.
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Bentley gINT Pro Plus V8i SS2 Software
Bentley gINT Pro Plus V8i SS2 build 13/01/2015

Bentley gINT Pro Plus V8i SS2

With gINT software, engineers and geoprofessionals can gather, manage, present, and report on subsurface data more efficiently and with greater accuracy. The industry leader for over 25 years, gINT software is designed by experienced engineers who fully understand the standards and requirements that facilitate high-quality geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management and reporting. gINT delivers a full spectrum of data with flexible options to define and customize reports to best suit user preferences.

More info.
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Bentley ProStructures V8i SS7 v08.11.11.45 Software
Bentley ProStructures V8i SELECTseries 7 build 23/10/2014

Bentley ProStructures V8i SS7 v08.11.11.45

Bentley ProStructures предназначена для детального проектирования и изготовления металлических и железобетонных конструкций.

К продуктам Bentley ProStructures относятся программы ProSteel и ProConcrete. Обе программы предназначены для трехмерного моделирования конструкций при выполнении задач строительства и планирования.

ProSteel обеспечивает деталировку изделий из конструкционной стали и металла, а ProConcrete - деталировку и составление графиков усиления монолитных/сборных и предварительно напряженных железобетонных конструкций.

Продукты ProStructures позволяют инженерам сократить время создания документации, помогают им избежать ошибок и недоработок проекта и обеспечивают проектирование и документирование комбинированных конструкций.

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Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i SS5 Software
Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i SS5 build 04/11/2014

Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i SS5

Owner-operators as well as engineering design firms will see the benefits of using this easy-to-use, interoperable plant design software. Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i is the first 3D CAD plant modeling software to use ISO 15926 as an intrinsic data model as specified by the iRING user community. Like all OpenPlant products, OpenPlant Modeler V8i incorporates the ongoing and ever-advancing capabilities of MicroStation V8i, the market-leading platform for plant creation and every infrastructure discipline. OpenPlant Modeler V8i also natively supports workflows combining all pertinent plant software standards, including DGN, RealDWG, point clouds and PDF.

More info.
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Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID V8i SS5 Software
Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID V8i SS5 build 04/11/2014

Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID V8i SS5

Компания Bentley уже давно работает над обеспечением взаимодействия приложений, поддерживающих открытые стандарты. OpenPlant представляет собой комплект программных продуктов для проектирования промышленных объектов, который строится полностью на основе модели данных ISO 15926, знаменуя новый шаг в развитии программного обеспечения для проектирования промышленных объектов.

Результатом сочетания обширных знаний и опыта по части интеллектуальных систем P&ID и желания создать действительно открытое и гибкое решение для проектирования трубопроводов и приборного оснащения стал продукт OpenPlant PowerPID - первое коммерческое программное средство для трубопроводов и приборного оснащения, основанное на полностью открытой модели данных. В его основе лежит схема модели данных ISO 15926. Теперь любое приложение, соответствующее схеме ISO 15926, может взаимодействовать с OpenPlant PowerPID. Это означает возможность передачи данных, созданных в OpenPlant PowerPID, без применения сложных специализированных API.
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Bentley MineCycle Material Handling V8i SS3 v08.11.09.86 Software
Bentley MineCycle Material Handling V8i SS3 v08.11.09.86

Bentley MineCycle Material Handling V8i SS3 v08.11.09.86

MineCycle Material Handling is a unique, purpose-built bulk material handling (BMH) conceptual design application that provides an automated design environment encompassing civil, structural, and mechanical disciplines. The software enables EPCs and consultants to complete preliminary designs up to 30 percent faster and with higher quality to deliver more competitive feasibility studies and bids.

More info.
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