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NWinds Certified Mail Pro v4.1.5 Software
NWinds Certified Mail Pro v4.1.5

NWinds Certified Mail Pro v4.1.5

NWinds has been serving the business, legal, banking, police and engineering communities since 1987. We specialize in Workflow Automation - an exciting new electronic technology being applied to manage complex interlocking tasks and the information they utilize and generate. These Workflow Automation systems have been praised as "the assembly line of the electronic age" because of their ability to move and manage information effectively. NWinds primary focus is the automation of data management and forms processing - a clearly defined critical need in the private and public sector.

Filling in Certified Mail forms can be a tedious, repetitious task. Now you can save valuable time and headaches with our new Certified Mail Software. You can prepare an entire Certified mail piece in the same time that it takes you to type a label. Certified Mail Professional - All the great features of our Certified Mail program along with the ability to do large batch print jobs. Perfect for companies that do mass mailings.
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BacktoCAD Technologies Print2CAD 2018 v18.27 Software
BacktoCAD Technologies Print2CAD 2018 v18.27

BacktoCAD Technologies Print2CAD 2018 v18.27


  • PDF (Vector and Raster) to DWG or DXF Converter
  • TIFF, JPEG Vectorization to DWG or DXF Converter
  • DWF to DWG or DXF Converter
  • Based on TrustedDWG from Autodesk
  • Native 64 bit App, no PDF Size Restrictions
  • Free Access To AI Cloud Converter
  • PDF Text Recognition (OCR of Drawing)
  • PDF Line Type Recognition
  • PDF Coordinates Scaling (Calibration Points)
  • PDF Layer Recognition
  • PDF Frame, Right Corner, Symbol Recognition
  • Raster Image Vectorization as Lines
  • Raster Image Vectorization as Outlines
  • Raster Image Vectorization as Solids
  • Raster Image Text Recognition (OCR)
  • Raster Image Line Type Recognition
  • Raster Image Coordinates Calibration
  • PDF (Architectural Scan) to DWG or DXF
  • PDF (Contour Lines Scan) to DWG or DXF
  • PDF (Digital Photo) to DWG or DXF
  • PDF (OCR of Text Page) to DWG or DXF
  • Supports DWG 2000-2018
  • Product of US Based Company
  • Works With All CAD Systems
  • 4K Screens Ready
  • Top AutoCAD PDFin Extender with Raster To Vector
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GeoStru Loadcap 2018.26.2.845 Software
GeoStru Loadcap 2018.26.2.845

GeoStru Loadcap 2018.26.2.845

Loadcap is software for computation of bearing capacity on loose or rocky soils, according Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen, Vesic, Brinch-Hansen, Richards et. Al, Meyerhof and Hanna (1978) and computation of bearing capacity factors. Settlements: Elastic (Timoshenko and Goodier), Oedometric, Schmertmann, Burland & Burbidge, liquefaction using the method of Seed and Idriss (1971). Analysis of soil reinforced with geogrids, calculation of: increase bearing capacity, deformation in the reinforcements, tensile force in the reinforcement for membrane effect.

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IES Quick Suite 2018 v5.0 Software
Integrated Engineering Software Quick Suite 2018 v5.0
QuickRWall, QuickFooting, QuickMasonry, QuickConcreteWall

IES Quick Suite 2018 v5.0

IES, Inc. creates high quality structural design software for engineering and related professionals. Your solution for general analysis, frames, trusses, shear wall systems, foundations, retaining walls, floor systems and more in steel, wood, concrete, aluminum, cold-formed, and masonry.

QuickRWall is perhaps the best tool on the market for retaining wall design! It will get you out of the 'black box' and into high-quality wall design in short order. The reports are excellent with full equations and intermediate data readily available for complete checking. QuickRWall is very graphical, extremely easy to use, fast, and robust.

Key Benefits:

  • Cantilever Retaining Walls.
  • Gravity Retaining Walls (ACI Chapter 22 provisions).
  • Restrained Walls (e.g. Basement Wall, propped cantilever).
  • Wall stems may be concrete or masonry (or mixed).
  • Wall stems may be tapered (battered) or stepped.
  • Design Checks according to IBC 2009, ACI 318-08, or MSJC 2008.
  • Wide variety of loading types.

QuickFooting. Concrete spread footing (single column pad), imports from VisualAnalysis. Design and check reinforced concrete footings under a single column without building a complex analysis model of the building. 

Key benefits:

  • Will check several footings all at once (for worst case).
  • Automatic sizing and detailing (optional).
  • Advanced handling of biaxial loading.
  • Offset pedestal from footing center.
  • Checks footing, pedestal, and interface.
  • Stability checks: Bearing pressure (net & gross), overturning, sliding, and uplift.
  • Complete units flexibility.
  • Accurate calculation of bearing pressure under biaxial loading.

QuickMasonry is a stand alone tool of masonry components to manage multiple structural components within a single project file. The QuickMasonry "Project Management" tool offers the ability to design a whole series of lintels and walls, for a single building in one project file, following the latest masonry design specifications and offering a host of impressive features. Quick Masonry has been specially designed to display every calculation performed along with any associated diagrams. This complete exposure of calculations is unmatched in the industry and allows the peace of mind that comes from personally viewing and verifying any calculation about which there may be a question.

Masonry Components Handled:

  • Lintels & Beams.
  • Bearing Walls.
  • Panel Walls (loads out of plane).
  • Shear Walls.
  • Columns and Pilasters.

Design Specifications:

  • MSJC-2008 or MSJC-05 Code Provisions (ACI 530, ASCE 5, TMS 402, ASCE 6, TMS 602).
  • Strength Design Provisions.
  • ASD (Allowable Stress Design) both MSJC-2008 and MSJC-05, reinforced & unreinforced.

QuickConcreteWall specializes in reinforced concrete shear walls and is an excellent tool for detailing a concrete wall subject to in-plane forces. Complex ACI interaction checks are done instantaneously as you tweak design parameters and view the results. Complete rebar detailing is provided in a productivity-quick format.

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isee systems Stella Architect v1.5.2 Software
isee systems Stella Architect v1.5.2

isee systems Stella Architect v1.5.2

Stella Architect is the definitive modelling tool to create professional simulations and presentations. Seamlessly design, build and publish models to share with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Stella Architect offers a practical way to dynamically visualize and communicate how complex systems and ideas work.

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Thuridion CTI Toolkit v3.0 Software
Thuridion CTI Toolkit v3.0

Thuridion CTI Toolkit v3.0

A suite of cooling tower applications that is indispensable to anyone responsible for the peak performance of cooling towers. Applications include, Air Properties Calculator, Merkel Number calculator, Demand Curve Worksheet (calculates tower performance & characteristic curve test method) and Mechanical Draft Tower Performance Test Analyzer (performance curve method). The performance test analyzer compliments the ATC-105 cooling tower test code.

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Terrasolid Suite 2018 Software
Terrasolid Suite v018 for Microstation CONNECT, V8i, V8 and for Windows platforms
- 32-bit - MicroStation V8i, Map PowerView, PowerCivil, Map: TerraScan 018.001, TerraModeller 018.001, TerraPhoto 018.001, TerraMatch 018.001, TerraScan Lite 018.001, TerraModeller Lite 018.001, TerraPhoto Lite 018.001
- 32 bit - MicroStation V8: TerraScan 018.001, TerraModeller 018.001, TerraPhoto 018.001, TerraMatch 018.001, TerraScan Lite 018.001, TerraModeller Lite 018.001, TerraPhoto Lite 018.001
- 64-bit - MicroStation CONNECT Edition, PowerDraft CONNECT Edition, OpenRoads Designer: TerraScan64 018.004, TerraScan64 UAV 018.004, TerraModeler64 018.001, TerraModeler64 UAV 018.001, TerraPhoto64 018.002, TerraPhoto64 UAV 018.002, TerraMatch64 018.001,  TerraMatch64 UAV 018.001, TerraScan64 Lite 018.004, TerraModeler64 Lite 018.001, TerraPhoto64 Lite 018.002
- 32/64-bit Windows: TerraSlave 018.001, TerraSlave64 018.004, LicenseServer & Manager 017.001

Terrasolid Suite 2018

Компания Terrasolid выпустила новые версии программных продуктов для работы с данными лазерного сканирования TerraScan, TerraMatch, TerraModeler и TerraPhoto. Новые 018-версии теперь поддерживают последнюю версию Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Кроме того, они будут продолжать работать с предыдущими версиями MicroStation V8i и V8 2004 Edition. Новые версии имеют улучшенные инструменты для автоматической векторизации зданий, более эффективной сшивки бортовых облаков точек с использованием связующих линий, новые и улучшенные функций для мобильной обработки облаков и окрашивание точек. Можно калибровать, сравнивать и классифицировать облака точек и создавать true ортофото в единой интегрированной среде.

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Watercom PIPE++ 2017.1 Software
Watercom PIPE++ 2017.1

Watercom PIPE++ 2017.1

PIPES++ is a program that does Single Balance or Extended Period Simulations of flow and water quality in a town water supply system.

Components that can be modelled include: Reservoirs; Pipes; Pumping Stations; Minor Head Losses; Check Valves; Reservoir Inlet Control Valves; Various specialised control valves; Pressure Reducing Valves; Pressure Sustaining Valves; Flow Control Valves; Sprinklers.

Pipe flows may be calculated using either the Colebrook White equation or the Hazen Williams equation. You draw the network on screen using lines to represent pipes and pre defined symbols to represent pumps, valves, reservoirs etc. If you already have the pipes drawn in a CAD system (eg Autocad) you can create a DXF file directly from that. Data is entered via dialog boxes, which are accessed by right clicking on the pipe or symbol, and selecting Edit Data from the pop up menu. Extended Period simulations (typically for 24 hours) can be carried out and during the simulation pumps can be started and stopped and valves opened and closed based on control rules which you specify (eg when a reservoir fills, stop a pump; when it falls 2 metres start the pump). Results can be displayed in several ways including:

  • Detailed results shown on a network diagram at any time during the simulation
  • Trace graphs showing how a value varies with time (eg flow in a pipe, HGL at a node, Water Level in a reservoir)
  • Minimum and maximum pressure occurring at each node at any time during the simulation

Water quality analyses can also be carried out to simulate how the concentration of Chlorine, Fluoride or some other chemical varies with time. Chemical injection points can be specified with the chemical concentration specified as data for the duration of the analysis. Trace graphs are available for these results also. The various graphs can be sent to a printer or plotter or file or copied via the Clipboard directly to a word processor (eg Word for Windows) for inclusion in a report.

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Watercom DRAINS 2018.01 Software
Watercom DRAINS 2018.01 x32

Watercom DRAINS 2018.01

DRAINS is a multi-purpose Windows program for designing and analysing urban stormwater drainage systems and catchments. DRAINS can model drainage systems of all sizes, from small to very large (up to 10 km2 using multiple sub-catchments1 with ARR 2016 and ILSAX hydrology, and larger using storage routing model hydrology). Working through a number of time steps during the course of a storm event, it converts rainfall patterns to stormwater runoff hydrographs and routes these through networks of pipes, detention basins, channels and streams. In this process, it integrates:

  • design and analysis tasks,
  • hydrology (five alternative models) and hydraulics (two alternative procedures),
  • closed conduit and open channel systems,
  • headwalls, culverts and other structures,
  • stormwater detention systems, and
  • large-scale urban and rural catchments.

Within a single package, DRAINS can carry out hydrological modelling using ARR2016, ILSAX, rational method and storage routing models, together with unsteady hydraulic modelling of systems of pipes, open channels, and in the premium hydraulic model, surface overflow routes. It includes an automatic design procedure for piped drainage systems, connections to CAD and GIS programs, and an in-built Help system.

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Katmar Project Risk Analysis v3.0 Software
Katmar Project Risk Analysis v3.0

Katmar Project Risk Analysis v3.0

The Project Risk Analysis program enables the capital risks on projects to be evaluated, and calculates the financial contingency required to cover those risks in a rational and defendable manner. Too often the project contingency is guesstimated as a "gut feel" amount, without much consideration for the real risks involved. The procedure followed in PRA encourages disciplined estimating, and calculates the required contingency using the proven statistical method known as Monte Carlo Simulation. Although PRA uses sophisticated statistical techniques, it has been written for project professionals who are more at home with estimating and costing than with statistics. All the statistical models and distributions required have been specifically set up for contingency analysis and no knowledge of statistics is required. A tutorial on using statistical distributions and the Monte Carlo Method in capital cost estimating is included in the built-in help file for those who like to know what is going on under the hood. The cost estimate can be imported from a spreadsheet with a simple Copy and Paste, or it can be manually entered and edited within the program itself. The results calculated by PRA can be displayed in easy-to-read graphical formats that quickly and effectively give the estimator an overall appreciation of the risks. These graphs are also ideal as support documentation for presentations to senior management in the justification of requests for contingency funds. The results are also available in detailed tabular format. The extreme speed of analysis allows you to carry out your risk analysis in real time. A full Monte Carlo analysis with 100,000 iterations will typically take less than 5 seconds. Apart from the graphical and tabular reports generated by the program, you can export the reports in a variety of formats to suit spreadsheets, text documents and graphical editors. The raw data can also be exported for further processing or report generation in other applications. Exported data can be saved as files, or via the clipboard for pasting directly into other applications.

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