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HiBase Group DBF Recovery v4.17 Software
HiBase Group DBF Recovery v4.17

HiBase Group DBF Recovery v4.17

DBF Recovery the powerful, compact and easy-to-use tool for recovery corrupted DBF files. Unlike most of the competitors, DBF Recovery not only fixes headers but also analyzes actual data structures and tries to fix them too. You don't need to have any skills in restoring DBF files to use this program. It determines file formats automatically. The program recognizes all of the formats used by popular DBF processing applications: Dbase III/IV, Foxpro, Visual Foxpro and others. A completely automated recovery engine uses its artificial intelligence to repair damaged files as accurately as possible. DBF Recovery does not require external drivers for connection to databases (ODBC, BDE).

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HiBase Group Advanced DBF Converter v5.61 Software
HiBase Group Advanced DBF Converter v5.61

HiBase Group Advanced DBF Converter v5.61


DBF Converter is a versatile yet easy-to-use conversion program. It has a familiar Wizard-like interface but can also be used as a command-line utility for batch file processing. DBF Converter supports all the modern data interchange formats, such as XML, CSV, TXT, HTML, RTF, PRG and others. You can even convert your DBF table into a SQL script. The program builds a sample data record allowing you to build filtering rules.
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Rarlab WinRAR v5.60 Software
Rarlab WinRAR v5.60 bra+chi+eng+fra+ger+rus+por x32+x64

Rarlab WinRAR v5.60

Архиватор RAR является самой распространенной программой после операционной системы и браузера, ведь большинство программ и в Интернете, и у пользователей хранятся в сжатом виде в архивах.

WinRAR – мощная утилита для создания и управления архивами, содержащая целый спектр дополнительных полезных функций. Программа WinRAR ежедневно используется миллионами людей во всем мире для экономии места на ПК и быстрой передачи файлов.

WinRAR больше не поддерживает Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT.

What's new in the latest version:

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Schlumberger OLGA 2017.2 Software
Schlumberger OLGA 2017.2 x64

Schlumberger OLGA 2017.2

Программный комплекс OLGA разработан для моделирования установившихся и переходных многофазных потоков в скважинах и трубопроводах. OLGA может работать с любым сочетанием многокомпонентных углеводородов и пластовой воды, а также с однофазным потоком. Точнее, программный комплекс OLGA используется для эффективного и точного моделирования, анализа и оптимизации значительного набора операций по транспортировке скважинной продукции и связанных с ней явлений, то есть применим для широкого ряда операций системы.

Successful production system design and operations requires a detailed understanding of multiphase flow behavior. Flow modeling and simulation provides valuable insights into flow behavior, including the physics describing flow through the entire production systems, from reservoir pore to process facility. The OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator models time-dependent behaviors, or transient flow, to maximize production potential. Transient modeling is an essential component for feasibility studies and field development design. Dynamic simulation is essential in deepwater and is used extensively in both offshore and onshore developments to investigate transient behavior in pipelines and wellbores. Transient simulation with the OLGA simulator provides an added dimension to steady-state analyses by predicting system dynamics such as time-varying changes in flow rates, fluid compositions, temperature, solids deposition and operational changes. From wellbore dynamics for any well completion to pipeline systems with all types of process equipment, the OLGA simulator provides an accurate prediction of key operational conditions involving transient flow.
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Capturing Reality RealityCapture v1.0.3.4658 RC [CLI Edition] Software
Capturing Reality RealityCapture v1.0.3.4658 RC [CLI Edition]

Capturing Reality RealityCapture v1.0.3.4658 RC [CLI Edition]

RealityCapture is a state-of-the-art all-in-one photogrammetry software solution which automatically extracts beautiful and accurate 3D models from a set of ordinary images and / or laser-scans. RealityCapture is a fully-featured application with a rich easy-to-use UI, extremely fast state-of-the-art core and with a set of unique features which pushes the envelope of what can be done with the photogrammetric methods. Truly amazing speed, quality and accuracy with low demand on computer hardware. Registering images, calculating a mesh, texture, parallel projections, DSM, geo-referencing and coordinate system conversion - that is just a fraction of what you get with RC. Unlimited number of images, unlimited scene sizes, unlimited level of detail. Our algorithms automatically split the problem into smaller parts which fit your hardware the best.

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HiBase Group Advanced CSV Converter v6.69 Software
HiBase Group Advanced CSV Converter v6.69

HiBase Group Advanced CSV Converter v6.69

Advanced CSV Converter allows you convert CSV files to DBF, Excel spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX), TXT, SQL, XML, Fixed Text and RTF. Working with the program takes as little as opening a file or selecting a folder with CSV files, choosing conversion settings and clicking the "Convert" button. The, the application takes the given CSV file or files and automatically converts data fields from them to the specified format.

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HiBase Group Advanced XLS Converter v6.15 Software
HiBase Group Advanced XLS Converter v6.15

HiBase Group Advanced XLS Converter v6.15

Advanced XLS Converter provides a the quickest, easiest and affordable way to convert Excel (XLS, XLSX, XLSM) files to a great variety of database formats, including DBF, TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, SQL, RTF - all with a few clicks of the mouse! Excel Converter does not require Microsoft Excel!

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CheVolume v0.5.0.0 Software
CheVolume v0.5.0.0

CheVolume v0.5.0.0

CheVolume is a useful and reliable piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you the means of outputting various audio application through a specific set of speakers, headphones or other similar devices. CheVolume is a handy tool that you can rely on for managing the output location for all your sound-emitting software, be they games, media players or web browsers, so you can enjoy multiple activities simultaneously.


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AFT Fathom v10.0.1103 build 2018.06.12 Software
Applied Flow Technology Fathom v10.0.1103 build 2018.06.12

AFT Fathom v10.0.1103 build 2018.06.12

Applied Flow Technology Fathom - программно-аналитический комплекс моделирования потока в трубопроводе. Удобный графический интерфейс, встроенная библиотека оборудования, арматуры и флюидов, широкие аналитические возможности, схематическое изображение создаваемого объекта, все это реализовано в AFT Fathom и предоставляет инженеру проектировщику возможность системного подхода в реализации проектов любой сложности. AFT Fathom обладает большим спектром возможностей не являясь при этом компромиссом между функциональностью и сложностью в освоении и использовании.


  • Advanced hydraulic solver
  • Detailed modeling for centrifugal and positive displacement pumps
  • Scenario Manager to track all design variants and operational possibilities in a single model file
  • Pump vs. system curve generation including individual head curves and composite efficiency
  • Thermal analysis including piping heat transfer and heat exchanger modelingSupports Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, including non-settling slurries
  • Optional ChempakTM add-on utility provides a thermophysical database of almost 700 fluids

AFT Fathom add-on modules:

  • Settling Slurry (SSL) - models the effects of pumping fluids containing settling solids using the Wilson/GIW method
  • Extended Time Simulation (XTS) - models dynamic system behavior
  • Goal Seek and Control (GSC) - identifies input parameters that yield desired output values and simulates control functions
  • Automated Sizing (APS and ANS) - automate the process of sizing pipelines and piping networks based on required conditions, such as maximum pressure or minimum flow, to reduce cost or weight

New features. Video tutorials.

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Chartwell Yorke Autograph v4.0.12 Software
Chartwell Yorke Autograph v4.0.12

Chartwell Yorke Autograph v4.0.12

В настоящее время существуют веские основания полагать, что использование подходящего программного обеспечения при изучении математики как в средней, так и в высшей школе, не только обеспечивает большую эффективность учебного процесса, но и делает его более интересным для всех его участников. Программа АвтоГраф (Autograph), оперирующая взаимосвязанными математическими объектами, предоставляет прекрасную возможность для освоения основных положений теории вероятности и математической статистики, аналитической геометрии на плоскости и в пространстве. Программа была апробирована на базе Oundle School, Великобритания. АвтоГраф предполагает максимально эффективное использование технических средств обучения – проекторов, интерактивных электронных досок, различного вида компактных компьютеров и планшетов.

Autograph is a dynamic PC program operating in 4 modes:
  • 1D - Statistics & Probability
  • 2D - Graphing, coordinates, transformations and bivariate data
  • 3D - Graphing, coordinates and transformations
  • CN - Argand Diagram page for complex numbers
More info.
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