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ioAnalytics ioGAS v7.0 build 104362 Software
ioAnalytics ioGAS v7.0 build 104362 x86+x64

ioAnalytics ioGAS v7.0 build 104362

ioGAS is a leading exploratory data analysis software application developed specifically for the resources industry. Traditional methods to analyse results would take many hours and is prone to human error; ioGAS can generate accurate results in a fraction of the time. Over the past decade a wide range of visual analytics and advanced quantitative tools have been developed to help you obtain a greater insight into the underlying structure of your data.

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ESI PipelineStudio v4.2.1.0 Software
ESI PipelineStudio v4.2.1.0

ESI PipelineStudio v4.2.1.0

PipelineStudio is the industry-leading pipeline management design software and engineering solution that combines graphical configuration and reporting tools with industry-proven simulation engines. It provides fast, accurate, robust and reliable answers to a wide range of steady-state and transient analysis challenges. PipelineStudio delivers rapid and accurate offline Pipeline management design, planning and hydraulic analysis for natural gas and liquid pipelines through advanced state-of-the-art simulation techniques.

Features: Flow assurance; Pipeline management design; Designing, routing, sizing of pipeline networks; Upset, leak and survival time analysis; Strategic, operational and capacity planning; Rapid assessment of unscheduled changes in operation; Operational prognosis; Compressor requirements; Fuel consumption calculations; Line pack management; Assessment of storage requirements; Surge Analysis.
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Metso Minerals Bruno Simulation v4.1.0.8 Software
Metso Minerals Bruno Simulation v4.1.0.8

Metso Minerals Bruno Simulation v4.1.0.8

Bruno simulation software is developed for optimizing aggregate production processes. Bruno is an intuitive software program for simulating the aggregate production process and it includes all the required Metso equipment: feeders, crushers and screens. An aggregate crushing and screening process needs adjustment and changes for various reasons, such as too high production costs or poor product quality. With Bruno, the user can test suggested changes to find out if they have the desired effect without unintentionally compromising the performance some other way. It is much cheaper to spend a few extra hours at your desk making a feasible plan, instead of starting to make potentially costly changes blindfolded. Imagine that you have selected, bought and set equipment for your plant and you are ready to get going. Once the process has started, you notice that the crusher feed turns out to include larger rocks than expected, too large for the crusher to process. The difference isn’t huge necessarily, but it is significant. In that case, you need to reline the crusher chamber, which causes a delay in start-up. If Bruno had been used, we could have estimated the feed size with high accuracy and prevented the issue from emerging in the first place.

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Rarlab WinRAR v5.70 Software
Rarlab WinRAR v5.70 bra+chi+eng+fra+ger+rus+tur x32+x64

Rarlab WinRAR v5.70

Архиватор RAR является самой распространенной программой после операционной системы и браузера, ведь большинство программ и в Интернете, и у пользователей хранятся в сжатом виде в архивах.

WinRAR – мощная утилита для создания и управления архивами, содержащая целый спектр дополнительных полезных функций. Программа WinRAR ежедневно используется миллионами людей во всем мире для экономии места на ПК и быстрой передачи файлов.

WinRAR больше не поддерживает Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT.

What's new in the latest version:

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Engineered Software Flow of Fluids 2018 v16.1.41643 repack Software
Engineered Software Flow of Fluids 2018 v16.1.41643 repack

Engineered Software Flow of Fluids 2018 v16.1.41643 repack

Flow of Fluids is part of the PIPE-FLO family and is ideal for modeling smaller piping systems. Flow of Fluids simulates the operation of small piping systems transporting liquids and industrial gases under a variety of expected operating conditions. It also provides accurate results for series, branching, and looped systems (both open and closed) up to 25 pipelines. If you can draw your piping system, Flow of Fluids will show you how it operates.
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Canute FHCPro v1.8.4 Software
Canute FHCPro v1.8.4

Canute FHCPro v1.8.4

FHC hydraulic calculation software for use with water-based fire protection systems. FHC hydraulic calculation software is able to calculate almost any type of water-based fire protection system from the conventional tree pipe configuration to the more complicated roof and rack gridded systems. FHC is not just limited sprinkler systems but also has many users worldwide are using our software to aid in the design of high and low-pressure water mist systems using conventional pump sets,  pressurised cylinders and constant pressure pumps.

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Engineered Software PIPE-FLO Pro 2018 v16.1.44900 repack Software
Engineered Software PIPE-FLO Pro 2018 v16.1.44900 repack

Engineered Software PIPE-FLO Pro 2018 v16.1.44900 repack

Engineered Software, Inc.’s PIPE-FLO Professional is the world’s leading fluid flow analysis and design modeling software tool. Within the PIPE-FLO platform, users can experience a variety of modules that solve specific challenges. These versatile tools provide value across multiple disciplines, industries and during all stages in the lifetime of a fluid piping system. They provide a common basis for operators, process and design engineers and management to understand, communicate and document their fluid piping systems and processes. Equally applicable to process, support and distribution systems in commercial, industrial and public facilities, PIPE-FLO products are an invaluable tool for the design, commissioning, operation and modification of fluid piping systems.

Video tutorials
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DeliCAD FlashMNT v6.15 Software
DeliCAD FlashMNT v6.15

DeliCAD FlashMNT v6.15

FlashMNT is a tool that allows the creation of a Digital Terrain Model and 3D computations. From points and/or breaklines, create a DTM, then use the various fonctions of FlashMNT to apply a mesh, color a DTM by altitudes, compute cut and fill quantities, vizualise cross sections of the terrain, calculate areas and volumes, etc. FlashMNT is fast and can triangulate millions of points (about 100.000 points/second)

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Blue Marble Geographic Calculator 2019 build 125 Software
Blue Marble Geographic Calculator 2019 build 125 date 21/02/2019 x64

Blue Marble Geographic Calculator 2019 build 125

Geographic Calculator is a powerful geodetic application with particular strength in survey, seismic, and energy exploration. In addition to single point, point database, and file conversion tools, this highly accurate transformation software includes many specialized tools such as Canadian DLS (Dominion Land Survey) Land Grid tools, Seismic Survey Conversion tools, Area of Use tools for guiding users, HTDP, Geoid Creation tools, and much more. Geographic Calculator supports a wide range of file formats with support from the largest geodetic parameter database available anywhere. When transformations have to be correct, consistent and certifiable, GIS professionals around the world choose Geographic Calculator.
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Engineered Software PUMP-FLO v10 build 15025 Software
Engineered Software PUMP-FLO v10 build 15025

Engineered Software PUMP-FLO v10 build 15025

PUMP-FLO is one of the most common products provided by Engineered Software, Inc. Originally conceived in 1986, PUMP-FLO was the world’s first centrifugal pump selection program. PUMP-FLO is the industry’s leading pump selection software. Used by pump manufacturers, distributors and users world-wide, the PUMP-FLO product line offers the advantages of commercially available software technology including a broad-based feature set, affordability, scalability, flexibility, integration options and technical support. Over 150 pump manufacturers, 24,000 distributors, and 400,000 registered users across a full spectrum of industries and roles have benefited from integrating PUMP-FLO technology into their daily business processes surrounding the marketing, sales, selection and procurement of pumps. Find out more of how you can take advantage of PUMP-FLO technology for your business by selecting either Manufacturers or End Users + Design Firms.

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