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Artsoft Gearotic v3.03 Software
Artsoft Gearotic v3.03

Artsoft Gearotic v3.03

Gearotic is a CAD/CAM 3D software package aimed to assist with your geared mechanical creations. It was primarily designed as a gear template generator, but developed into a utility package we hope you'll find useful. Gearotic will generate gears individually or combine them to create a moving gear train. Software allows you to simulate, animate, create toolpaths for cnc mode or export as 3D models. Gearotic has grown a great deal over the past few years. It is now not only a gear template generator, but can create objects for 3d printing, design clock escapements, tabbed boxing, circular and non circular gears and even Celtic Knots. We hope you enjoy the new and added functions of Gearotic. It continues to grow and have features added and upgraded at users request. We consider it an adjunct to CAD programs of all types and hope it helps you in your design work. It is our hope that G2 will allow what in the past could be done by dedicated hobbiests to be done by the more casual hobbiest. Gearotic is written by Art Fenerty, the original creator of the Mach series of machine controllers. It is supported by Art , and by Bob Landry, a fellow Gearhead. So whether your interest is in clockworks, window openers, whirlygigs or rube-goldberg machines, we hope you find a comfortable spot to meet and discuss such things. Gearotic is more of an interest group than a normal software company, as with Mach3 the program grows around the community of its users.

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PVsyst v6.6.8 Software
PVsyst v6.6.8

PVsyst v6.6.8

PVsyst is a software package for the study, sizing, simulation and data analysis of complete PV systems.

PVsyst - пакет программного обеспечения для изучения, отладки, моделирования и анализа данных для фотогальванических систем (Photovoltaic Systems). PVSYST подходит для изучения связанных сетей, наводнений и прямых потоков энергосистем, и предлагает большую базу данных по метеорологии и фотогальваническим системам.
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CADS 2018.1 Analysis-Modelling-Design Suite Software
CADS 2018.1 Analysis-Modelling-Design Suite

CADS 2018.1 Analysis-Modelling-Design Suite

CADS is a leading international software company specialising in civil and structural engineering design and detailing software.

More info about products included in the suite.
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S-FRAME P-FRAME Professional 2017.1.1 Software
S-FRAME P-FRAME Professional 2017.1.1

S-FRAME P-FRAME Professional 2017.1.1

P-FRAME is general 2D structural analysis software.

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Magicplot Systems MagicPlot Pro v2.7.2 Software
Magicplot Systems MagicPlot Pro v2.7.2

Magicplot Systems MagicPlot Pro v2.7.2

MagicPlot - приложение для анализа данных, построения графиков и нелинейной аппроксимации.

Нелинейная аппроксимация. Введите формулу, задайте интервал графически и аппроксимируйте. MagicPlot был успешно протестирован данными NIST для проверки алгоритмов аппроксимации. 

Аппроксимация пиками. Задавайте модель пик за пиком, двигая пики и базовую линию мышкой. Вычтете часть пиков из спектра, чтобы увидеть разность.

Математическая обработка. Сглаживание, БПФ, интегрирование, дифференцирование, гистограммы, свертка, деконволюция, корреляция — все это входит в пункт меню «Processing».

Пакетная обработка. Самый простой способ обработать и аппроксимировать множество данных одинаковым способом без программирования и получить сводную таблицу параметров.

Многоуровневая «откатка». Экспериментируйте с параметрами обработки, стилями графиков и аппроксимацией, зная, что любое действие можно отменить и даже просмотреть историю изменений.

Удобный импорт текстовых файлов. Используйте пункт меню «Import Text Table» для открытия данных из текстовых файлов. Разделители столбцов и десятичные разделители распознаются автоматически.

Полностью настраиваемые стили. Вы сможете свободно менять стили кривых и осей на панели инспектора. Графики журнального качества можно сохранить в векторных форматах: EPS, PDF, SVG, EMF.

Исследование графиков. Изучите спрятанные детали ваших кривых при помощи инструментов навигации: колесо мышки с Shift/Ctrl меняет масштаб или прокручивает график. Есть инструмент «рука».

Шаблоны стилей. Отформатируйте один рисунок и сохраните шаблон. Этот шаблон можно использовать для других рисунков, применятся даже заголовки осей и масштаб.
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S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 Enterprise Software
S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 Enterprise
S-CONCRETE 2017 v17.2.2, S-FRAME 2017 v17.1.2, S-LINE 2017 v17.1.2, S-PAD 2017 v17.0.4

S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 Enterprise

Structural Office R17 is a suite of structural analysis and design software with powerful BIM/CAD links, is designed to increase productivity and collaboration among projects' stakeholders. The various components of Structural Office may be purchased separately or bundled together within Structural Office, and with the exception of S-STEEL Design, they can all operate as stand-alone applications as well.

S-CONCRETE - comprehensive section design and detailing tool of reinforced concrete beams, columns and walls. Its powerful graphical output capabilities provide immediate feedback to the engineer as design parameters are changed. S-CONCRETE is integrated with S-FRAME.

S-FRAME - a complete structural modeling, analysis, and design environment. S-FRAME features numerous productivity tools, advanced analyses, a variety of material models, flexible load combination methods, fast and accurate solver technology all bundled within a powerful and intuitive user interface.

S-LINE - an intuitive yet powerful standalone application for the analysis, design and detailing of continuous reinforced concrete beams. S-LINE supports code checking and automated design and detailing to multiple design codes for a variety of section types.

S-PAD - a standalone steel design and optimization product. Quickly check columns, beams or braces without the need to build a detailed model for the complete structure. Built with the structural engineer consultant in mind.
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GeoStru Georock 2D 2018.12.1.456 Software
GeoStru Georock 2D 2018.12.1.456

GeoStru Georock 2D 2018.12.1.456

GeoRock 2D is a software for the 2D simulation of rockfalls using Lumped Mass and C.R.S.P. models. For the Lumped Mass model, the computation assumptions are: plan outline, the slope profile similar to a broken line consisting of straight line segments; point boulder and neglectable air resistance. CRSP (Colorado Rockfall Simulation Program) model has been developed by Pfeiffer and Bowen (1989) with the purpose of modelling the falling motion of boulders having the shape of spheres, cylinders or discs, with circular cross section in the vertical plane of the movement. The reliability of the model was verified by comparisons between numerical results and the results obtained from in situ tests.
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Rizom-Lab Unfold3D 2017.0.27 Software
Rizom-Lab Unfold3D 2017.0.27

Rizom-Lab Unfold3D 2017.0.27

Since its creation in 2003 by Remi Arquier, Unfold3D was one of the first commercial software capable of automatically flattening 3D mesh geometries as the same time as preventing from stretching and distortion. Then, it rapidly found its place in the computer graphic industry while being adopted by many freelancers and major studios out there. Also, its core algorithms are now integrated in standard into Autodesk Maya. Today, following the path towards an ideal tool set capable of segmenting, flattening and packing UVs without any manual intervention, Rizom-Lab focuses on enhancing our technology, and making it available to 3D artists and product designers.

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GeoStru Dynamic Probing 2018.25.5.834 Software
GeoStru Dynamic Probing 2018.25.5.834

GeoStru Dynamic Probing 2018.25.5.834

Dynamic Probing used for Dynamic Penetration Tests, that is the reading, recording, interpretation, storage and the management of any type of penetrometer including new or custom equipment and of in borehole SPT readings. Dynamic Probing provides functions for the archiving of readings by site and for automatic calculation of the real energy transmitted, including correction for warp and the correlation coefficient with SPT (standard reference tests for geomechanic calculations and geotechnic correlations). Dynamic Probing also BIM compatible with geolocation import ed export in AGS format (Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists)

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NWinds Net Worth v3.0 Software
NWinds Net Worth v3.0

NWinds Net Worth v3.0

NWinds has been serving the business, legal, banking, police and engineering communities since 1987. We specialize in Workflow Automation - an exciting new electronic technology being applied to manage complex interlocking tasks and the information they utilize and generate. These Workflow Automation systems have been praised as "the assembly line of the electronic age" because of their ability to move and manage information effectively. NWinds primary focus is the automation of data management and forms processing - a clearly defined critical need in the private and public sector.

New software that prepares the statement of Net Worth (DRL 236) on plain paper with all client data-with any Windows supported printer.

  • Single entry of data eliminates redundant typing while ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Saves data for future update and printing.
  • Automatic calculations and updates of totals when you make changes.
  • Produces intake form to assist clients in summarizing their financial affairs and provides a source document.
  • Easy to use the data entry screens duplicate the form.
  • Cut and paste captions and data from other word processing documents.
  • Dynamic print-fields expand to accept data of varying length so that paper and printing time is not wasted.
  • On-line help.
  • Quick search for existing matters.
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