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Lauterbach HEAT v8.26.1 Software
Lauterbach HEAT v8.26.1

Lauterbach HEAT v8.26.1

Das ATLAS Programmsystem ist ein technisch-wissenschaftliches Softwaresystem fьr die Thermische Verfahrenstechnik sowie den Apparatebau und Rohrleitungsbau, entwickelt 1985 von Dietmar Fischer. Es entstand aus der Umsetzung des VDI Wдrmeatlas und der AD Berechnungsblдtter als Computerprogramm.

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Lauterbach ATLAS (VDI) v8.26.1 Software
Lauterbach ATLAS (VDI) v8.26.1

Lauterbach ATLAS (VDI) v8.26.1

Das ATLAS Programmsystem ist ein technisch-wissenschaftliches Softwaresystem für die Thermische Verfahrenstechnik sowie den Apparatebau und Rohrleitungsbau, entwickelt 1985 von Dietmar Fischer. Es entstand aus der Umsetzung des VDI Wärmeatlas und der AD Berechnungsblätter als Computerprogramm.

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Lauterbach PROPER v8.25.1 Software
Lauterbach PROPER v8.25.1

Lauterbach PROPER v8.25.1

PROPER generates properties and phase equilibria for pure components and mixtures of up to 15 components.

Basis is a data base comprising more than 800 substances.

More info.
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CounterTack Responder Pro v3.1.3.51 Software
CounterTack Responder Pro v3.1.3.51

CounterTack Responder Pro v3.1.3.51

CounterTack’s Responder PRO memory forensics tool is the preeminent tool for reverse engineers. With powerful memory forensics and malware analysis capabilities, Responder PRO enables incident response professionals to collect and analyze malware attack residue and artifacts from memory forensics. Users can leverage information found in physical memory to validate endpoint security incidents and drill down to determine root cause and the potential impact.

More info.
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Structural Design Software collection Software
Structural Design Software collection (w/o macros)

Structural Design Software collection

Structural Design Software provides software which created using Microsoft Windows Excel 2010/2013 or 2016 Office 365. Each spreadsheet contains formulas, reference code sections, and graphic drawings. The software are nice and easy on all Win Tablet/PAD. The analysis results can be copied and pasted to AutoCAD. The Example is intended for re-use and is loaded with floating comments as well as ActiveX pull-down menus for variable choices. All intermediate calculations are intended for submittal with the calculations to explain the results of the input. It is free to download, by click software name, for limited version (demo only). For professional version (xlsb/xlsm filename extension), a Package of all 306 listed software, the normal price is $1850 (less than $7 per software).

Lateral Analysis Group
Steel Design Group

Foundation Design Group
Masonry Design Group
Wood Design Group
Concrete Design Group
Bridge Design Group
Aluminum & Glass Design
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RUNET software FEDRA version 10.10/2012 Software
RUNET software FEDRA version 10.10/2012

RUNET software FEDRA version 10.10/2012

The program FEDRA is an efficient tool for a complete design of masonry buildings, according to Eurocode 6. The masonry design is based on finite element analysis of each wall. The concrete floors and columns are designed according to Eurocode 2, and the timber roofs according to Eurocode 5. The seismic loads are defined as static horizontal loads, with a reverse triangular distribution. The building is defined with a drawing package included in the program. The building topology, load transferring, finite element modelling and dimensioning are automatically performed.

  • Masonry design according to Eurocode 6
  • Concrete design according to Eurocode 2
  • Foundation design according to Eurocode 7
  • Seismic design according to Eurocode 8
  • Roof design according to Eurocode 5
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RUNET software cgWindWaves version 02.01/2012 Software
RUNET software cgWindWaves version 02.01/2012

RUNET software cgWindWaves version 02.01/2012

The wave forecasting methods are both empirical and theoretical. Many factors are involved in wave forecasting, especially in restricted fetch areas. The wave forecasting methods are based on semi-empirical relations (SMB methods, Sverdrup, Munk, and Bretschneider), which link the significant wave height Hs and significant wave period Ts to wind speed U, fetch length F, and water depth. The wave forecasting procedures is largely graphical, and laborious.

The program cgWindWaves gives an estimate of the waves in restricted fetch water regions. From the water region defined by its map, the mean wind direction and wind velocity, you obtain the significant wave height Hs, and wave period Ts, and a wave spectrum S(f). The wave prediction is based on the combination of various theories for wave forecasting, for directional effects, and wave spectra, which are implemented in the program. Application of the program is for regions where refraction is negligible.

The program implements the directional wave effects using either Seymour's, Savil's or effective fetch method. The significant wave and period forecasting from the wind velocity and fetch is based on Bretschneider's or Wilson's method. For the wind energy Pierson-Moskowitz and JONSWAP spectra are used. All the data are in one main screen (water region, wind direction and velocity, selection of theories), and the forecasted wave characteristics, spectrum and time series sample, are shown immediately.
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RUNET software cgFLOAT version 02.01/2012 Software
RUNET software cgFLOAT version 02.01/2012

RUNET software cgFLOAT version 02.01/2012

Floating marinas, floating breakwaters and floating bridges are long structures made up of pontoons which are connected between them rigidly or with flexible connectors, and they are anchored at the bottom of the sea with mooring lines. They are usually placed in protected water regions. The waves in these regions are short crested waves. The dynamic analysis of long floating structures in short crested waves must take into account the special characteristics of the short crested wave loading, and the frequency depended load correlation along the structure.

The structural modelling using finite element methods does not present any difficulties. However the part of the analysis which presents special problems is the modelling of the loading in a short-crested sea. General purpose finite element programs do not provide methods for calculating the loading in a stochastic, short crested sea, and additional routines should be included in order to do the job. In conclusion the use of general purpose finite element programs is - time consuming, uneconomic, and susceptible to errors.

The program cgFLOAT has been developed especially for long floating structures in short crested sea loading. The dynamic response can be calculated via a frequency or time domain analysis. Theories and methods for hydrodynamic loading, short-crested waves, directional wave spectra, sea state simulation, and stochastic dynamics are included in the calculation routines. The computer code has been optimized taking into account the special characteristics of the structure and the loading. For the response calculation a Monte-Carlo simulation is used. This method is considered to be more advantageous over the usual frequency domain analysis, which is the only alternative, because it reduces the computational cost considerably and can be used for frequency and time domain analysis. It is based in simulating sets of nodal load series and calculates the structural response by deterministic dynamic analysis in frequency or time domain. The expected response values are obtained in the end by calculating the ensemble statistics between the simulated cases. The basis for computing the sets of nodal load series is the wave coherence along the structure, which is obtained from the directional wave spectrum.
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RUNET software WOODexpress version 03.07/2018 Software
RUNET software WOODexpress version 03.07/2018

RUNET software WOODexpress version 03.07/2018

WOODexpress. Structural Timber design software. A program for design and dimensioning of timber components, and timber roofs according to Eurocode 5 (EC5). In a graphic environment you design roof trusses and elements of timber structures. WOODexpress simplifies all the repetitive and time-consuming every day calculations for timber elements and timber roofs. Detailed report with calculations, automatic generation of truss drawings and details of connections.

To design a timber component or truss, choose from ready roof models, specify the main dimensions, loads, design code parameters, and the design is immediately performed and drawings produced automatically. Default values and checks for erroneous input values, facilitate the input data process. The report, which is created simultaneously, shows in detail all the calculations and the design steps with references to the corresponding design code paragraphs. Clear warnings informs you in case of inadequate design. 

The material properties, the loads and the design code parameters, timber sections, can be adjusted by the user according to the requirements of the National application document. A context-sensitive Help system, guides you through the use of the program and the Eurocode provisions. On-line user's manual and frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.) are included in the program.
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RUNET software Steel Sections EC3 version 03.07/2018 Software
RUNET software Steel Sections EC3 version 03.07/2018

RUNET software Steel Sections EC3 version 03.07/2018

Design tables for Structural Steel Sections according to Eurocode 3, EN 1993-1-1:2005

Tables with all the international steel sections, with their dimensions, properties, classification, resistance and buckling resistance values according to Eurocode 3, EN1993-1-1:2005. The tables are extended to non-standard steel sections and welded section with dimensions given from the user.
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