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Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 Software / Sport
Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 eng+rus x86+x64

Autodesk AutoCAD 2018

Autodesk AutoCAD является мировым лидером среди решений для 2D- и 3D-проектирования. Будучи более наглядным, 3D моделирование позволяет ускорить проектные работы и выпуск документации, совместно использовать модели и развивать новые идеи. Для AutoCAD доступны тысячи надстроек, что позволяет удовлетворить потребности самого широкого круга клиентов.

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WeBBusterZ S&THex v3.1 & Physical Properties Estimation DB v 3.6.1 Software
WeBBusterZ Engineering Software
Shell and Tube Heat Exchange Design v3.1.0.0
Physical Properties Estimation Database v3.6.1

WeBBusterZ S&THex v3.1 & Physical Properties Estimation DB v 3.6.1

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Design (S&THex) is a software tool that is made to demonstrate the chemical design & rating calculations. Unlike other tools, ensures that the calculations are performed step by step to help in understanding the design calculations.

Physical Properties Estimation Database has over 1400 components and can estimate physical properties for pure components based on correlations. All you provide is Temperature and the software will do the rest. The software doesn’t take into account any pressure during the estimation. If the temperature is not within the correlation range for a particular property, the software will warn against the estimation error. All mixture estimations are based on general equations for mixture estimates. The software will use the pure properties of components involved along with general equations to estimate the mixture properties.
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#ДимонОтветит News

Много спрашивают: с плакатом идти стрёмно, что делать?

Отвечаю: старые кроссовки через плечо повесьте. Чем не плакат?
Added 26/03/17:
Москва. Пушкинская площадь. Жаль, что никто не пришел (по данным МВД). Я был один.















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Southbeach Modeller v3.1.0.0 Software
Southbeach Modeller v3.1.0.0

Southbeach Modeller v3.1.0.0

Founded in 2009, Southbeach Solutions Ltd is an independent British software vendor (ISV). We provide Southbeach Modeller, a visual and analytical tool for creativity, design and innovation.

Southbeach Modeller has been benchmarked against diagramming software, presentation packages and other structured modelling tools. It is typically between ten to thirty times faster to develop a model in Southbeach than in other products. This productivity is critical in a workshop setting. Keep up with attendees, without frustrating them. Southbeach is an 'additive' modelling approach. The constructive yet differing views and perspectives of the team can be captured, and integrated, without having to go 'back to the drawing board'. There is no need to continually re-work the model. Build on past work. Reuse building blocks from previous models, without the need to open any file. Drill down to sub-models or to individual elements. Drag what you need to the canvas.

More info.
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Honeywell Socrates v8.0 Software
Honeywell Socrates v8.0 repack

Honeywell Socrates v8.0

Socrates is a comprehensive material selection system for corrosive oil and gas applications, enabling users to make consistent, optimized material selection choices based on real engineering corrosion data and rigorous materials engineering guidelines.

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Red Hen isWhere v3.1.0.14 Software
Red Hen isWhere v3.1.0.14

Red Hen isWhere v3.1.0.14

isWhere is Red Hen’s answer to mapping your GPS enabled data collection of photos, video or audio notes onto Google Earth. It will represent  your captured geotagged footage and metadata onto a 3D map. There are two components to the mapping of your geo-referenced media using isWhere:

  • Track - A track log of the route traversed is generated on Google Earth. Each point on the track is clickable. Selecting a point displays important details regarding GPS and other sensor information at the time of the logging. There is also a synchronized moving cursor on the mapped track that indicates the exact GPS location of the camera during video playback.
  • Media playback - A camera’s perspective of the surrounding area recorded at the exact GPS location of the moving cursor can be viewed using the standard Windows Media Player. Additionally, if installed separately, video playback for isWhere can be viewed in the free VideoLan Media Player.
The moving cursor is synchronized with the video at all times. IsWhere makes it convenient to view the exact GPS location on the track and the captured media of that location all on one screen.

More info, tutorial videos, manuals.
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InGeomatics Mr.CAD Stand Alone 3 v3.0 r.104 Software
InGeomatics Mr.CAD Stand Alone 3 v3.0 r.104

InGeomatics Mr.CAD Stand Alone 3 v3.0 r.104

Mr.CAD Stand Alone is a totally independent solution for Civil engineers and Land surveyors. Provides all the necessary tools to create: plot subdivision, topographic plans, leveling plans, and volume computations. Includes utilities for points management, import & export to data collectors, and many more.

More info.
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Proektsoft Design Expert v3.3.2 Software
Proektsoft Design Expert v3.3.2

Proektsoft Design Expert v3.3.2

Design Expert is an advanced software package for design and detailing of reinforced concrete and steel structural elements: foundations, columns, beams, shear walls, stairs, slabs, etc.

More info.
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Dirigo TSB v11.0.0.40 Software
Dirigo Technical Service Bulletin v11.0.0.40

Dirigo TSB v11.0.0.40

TSB 11 is yet another software program just about anyone can use. This software contains the entire NHTSA Technical Service Bulletin database at your fingertips any time you need it, day or night. This software is outstanding for pointing out and illustrating any known mechanical and/or safety trends and problems that may have contributed to the collision you are investigating.

More info.
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Dirigo Recall v11.0.0.4 Software
Dirigo Recall v11.0.0.40

Dirigo Recall v11.0.0.4

Recall 11 is a software program just about anyone can use. Just imagine... the entire NHTSA Recall database for cars, trucks, motorcycles, tires, helmets, trailers, big trucks, school buses, motor homes, coaches... you name it! All at your fingertips any time you need it, day or night. This is a MUST HAVE program for anyone involved in accident / crash / collision reconstruction and investigation!

More info.
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