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Bentley STAAD.Pro Advanced Connect Edition Update 1 v21.00.01.12 Software
Bentley STAAD.Pro Advanced Connect Edition Update 1 v21.00.01.12 build 14/11/2017

Bentley STAAD.Pro Advanced Connect Edition Update 1 v21.00.01.12

Confidently design any type of structure and share your synchronized model data among your design team, in one integrated set of applications. Complete your steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and cold-formed steel projects, on time and in budget, regardless of complexity. Design structures anywhere in the world with confidence using over 80 international codes, reducing your team's need to learn multiple software applications. Increase your design productivity with streamlined workflows to reduce duplication of effort and eliminate errors.

Design any type of structure and share your synchronized model data with confidence among your entire design team, using STAAD.Pro. Ensure on time and on budget completion of your steel, concrete, timber, aluminium, and cold-formed steel projects, regardless of complexity. You can confidently design structures anywhere in the world using over 80 international codes, reducing your team's need to learn multiple software applications. Thanks to the flexible modelling environment and advanced features such as dynamic change revisions and management, you can:
  • Lower total cost of ownership: Design any type of structure including culverts, petrochemical plants, tunnels, bridges, and piles.
  • Increase design productivity: Streamline your workflows to reduce duplication of effort and eliminate errors.
  • Reduce project costs and delays: Provide accurate and economical designs to your clients and quickly turnaround change requests.
Whats new.
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Agisoft PhotoScan Pro v1.4.0.5076 Software
Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.4.0.5076 x64

Agisoft PhotoScan Pro v1.4.0.5076

Agisoft PhotoScan is a stand-alone software product that performs photogrammetric processing of digital images and generates 3D spatial data to be used in GIS applications, cultural heritage documentation, and visual effects production as well as for indirect measurements of objects of various scales.

More info.
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Avenza MAPublisher v10.0 Software
Avenza MAPublisher v10.0

Avenza MAPublisher v10.0

MAPublisher - плагин для Adobe Illustrator, который является мощным средством создания карт высокого качества по ГИС-данным. Новая версия предоставляет пользователям расширенные возможности для создания карт высококачественного дизайна на основе GIS данных для их распространения в печатном или цифровом виде. В новой версии обеспечена поддержка Adobe Illustrator CC, новой палитры MAP Views, системы символов и стилей Adobe Illustrator, а также операций импорта/экспорта новых форматов картографических данных. Плагин MAPublisher включает всю функциональность предыдущих выпусков: новые механизмы маркировки, новую сетку, генератор координат и ползунок масштабирования, расширенные фильтры для выбора.

Новые функции программы - ссылка.
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TraCeo Autofluid v10c18 Software
TraCeo Autofluid v10c18

TraCeo Autofluid v10c18

Autofluid is the CAD package of choice for professionals in the fields of HVAC, sanitary, medical and industrial fluids. Autofluid is widely adopted throughout the profession. From international firms to independent offices, our users have made us the leader in France. The suite is composed of five applications that were created by users and for users to save you precious time. We’re experts in the field of engineering for fluids and we’re doing our best to develop the simplest and the most pragmatic tools. With Autofluid you can configure, draw and dress technical drawings in just a few mouse clicks. An exhaustive gallery of graphical components insure the highest level of precision and graphic quality. Plans created with Autofluid are always clear, reliable and produced in the shortest time.

More info.
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DotSoft MapWorks v7.0.0.6 Software
DotSoft MapWorks v7.0.0.6

DotSoft MapWorks v7.0.0.6

MapWorks is Civil/Survey Mapping & GIS software for AutoCAD and BricsCAD. It is a modular system covering the major areas of alignments, design, geotech, parcels, points, sections, surfaces, and more.

More info.
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Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition Update 7 Software
Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition Update 7 build 07/11/2017

Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition Update 7

MicroStation - самая производительная, наиболее доступная и совместимая САПР-платформа для проектирования, строительства и эксплуатации мировой инфраструктуры. 

Вам, вероятно, известно, что 95% инфраструктуры в мире проектируется, строится и поддерживается с применением файлов форматов DGN и DWG. При помощи MicroStation пользователи имеют возможность непосредственно редактировать содержимое обоих форматов файлов одновременно. Эта возможность превращает MicroStation в платформу для обеспечения совместимости, являющуюся обязательным атрибутом.

MicroStation также является платформой для инноваций, расположенной в центре полного спектра вертикальных программных приложений, обеспечивающей пользователей возможностью индивидуализации приложений с помощью VBA, а также возможностью "вертикального роста" при помощи узкоспециализированных решений для увеличения производительности при поддержании полной целостности данных по всему проекту.

С учетом лишь из этих двух соображений, то, что MicroStation используется всеми, включая архитекторов, инженеров, картографов и подрядчиков по проектам в области архитектуры, строительства и инженерного проектирования, не должно вызывать удивления. За счет этого данная система становится стандартом для лучших проектировщиков мира, являющихся участниками рейтинга ENR Global 150.
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K2 - Photogrammetry PATB v3.6.278 Software
K2 - Photogrammetry PATB v3.6.278

K2 - Photogrammetry PATB v3.6.278

PATB is a program for block adjustment using the well-proven bundle method for highest accuracy specifications. Since it's initial public lauch in 1972, the program has been continuously further developed and upgraded according to the improvement of photogrammetric theory and the progress in new computer systems. Today, the actual version PATB-NT is one of the most advanced bundle block adjustment program worldwide. Highly optimized with regard to extreme numbers of observations and photographs, PATB shows stunning execution speed on Personal Computer systems. PATB-NT is about 3 times faster in execution than the preceding DOS version on the same computer system. Hundreds of companies and institutions confirm the intuitive self-explanatory user interface and economic program handling in daily practical work.

The calculation of all required initial values of the unknowns is done automatically from your data, without referring to preceding manual preparation. There are no restrictions concerning overlap, numbering systems, number of observations and block size. Self-calibration is used to correct simultaneously for systematic image errors. Different sets of orthogonal self-calibration parameters can be applied for the complete block or for groups of photographs to ensure an optimum accuracy. Automatic correction of earth curvature and refraction can be applied optionally. Automatic detection and elimination of blunders during the adjustment avoids tedious manual data cleaning. The method of robust estimators for data cleaning guaranties the detection of all possible data errors ranging from severe administrative numbering errors up to small measuring errors. Besides control point information, PATB allows the simultaneous adjustment of kinematic GPS observations with optional drift correction. The linear drift correction for the x, y and z co-ordinates of the GPS observations compensates for most of the errors caused by GPS drift, unavailable transformation parameters or transformation formula to your local terrain co-ordinate system, antenna offset, cycle slips and systematic errors of the perspective center co-ordinates. PATB also offers the possibility for rigorous error propagation and sophisticated statistical analysis based on the normal equation inverse. Geometrically weak areas in a network are then easily locatable. The standard deviations of the image orientation parameters and the final adjusted co-ordinates and their mean - and maximum values inform about accuracy and reliability of your AT block and its design. A graphical overview for the essential adjustment results provides an instant and thorough analysis of the adjustment results. These features of PATB ensure reliability and are the basis to achieve high accuracy specifications for a block adjustment even with minimum or no ground control points. PATB is the economic solution for your AT projects.

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IHS Markit Kingdom Advanced 2017.0 v11.0 build 199 Software
IHS Markit Kingdom Advanced 2017.0 v11.0 build 199 x64

IHS Markit Kingdom Advanced 2017.0 v11.0 build 199

IHS Kingdom software provides geoscientists and asset teams the functionality needed for all aspects of their portfolio management from prospect to production, basic and advanced interpretation to microseismic analysis and geosteering resulting in faster interpretation and modeling sharing of complex data and more confident decision making. Subscribe now to: Streamline data loading, interpretation and velocity modeling; Enhance exploration and production workflows; Reduce cycle times and depth conversion process; Expand workforce collaboration and software sharing; Minimize software, hardware and IT costs.

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Chasm Consulting PumpSim Premium v2.2.2.8 Software
Chasm Consulting PumpSim Premium v2.2.2.8 build 27/04/2017

Chasm Consulting PumpSim Premium v2.2.2.8

PumpSim provides a full 3-dimensional dynamic environment to generate the most accurate pumping simulation and data from your network.

Use Pumpsim software to:
  • Easily construct pipe models in true scale 3D.
  • Estimate optimum pipe sizing.
  • Model and simulate flow, pressure and pump performance.
  • Import designs and solids from AutoCAD (DXF).
More info. Pricing.
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Chasm Consulting Ventsim Visual Premium v4.8.5.0 Software
Chasm Consulting Ventsim Visual Premium v4.8.5.0 build 30/09/2017

Chasm Consulting Ventsim Visual Premium v4.8.5.0

Ventsim was originally introduced to mining operations in 1994 to help visually design, improve and optimize underground ventilation systems. It is now licensed to over 1000 mine sites, consultants, universities, governments and research agencies around the world. The new Ventsim Visual ventilation software was released in 2009 and offers a graphically rich and dynamic ventilation environment with many more features than the original Ventsim Classic. Ventsim Visual is available in three versions: Standard, Advanced and Premium. The difference.

Ventsim Visual Standard is a lower cost version based on incompressible flow simulation routines and includes dynamic animated 3D graphics showing real airway dimensions and shapes together with animated air flows. Colours show over 30 different data types including airflow, velocities, various pressures and costs. In addition, the Standard version comes with contaminant spread routines to help predict steady state flow of gases, dust, fumes and smoke.

Ventsim Visual Advanced uses advanced compressible flow modelling, including automatic density and fan curve adjustment, automatic natural ventilation simulation and prediction of temperatures and humidity due to rock strata, auto compression, diesel equipment and electric motors.

Ventsim Visual Premium includes all features of Ventsim Visual Advanced as well as VentFIRE fire simulation, VentLog ventilation survey record software, and the optional LiveView remote data connection and display module.

Change log.
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