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3D Systems Geomagic Sculpt 2017.0.84 Software
3D Systems Geomagic Sculpt 2017.0.84

3D Systems Geomagic Sculpt 2017.0.84

Geomagic Sculpt is a simple, fast yet sophisticated precision voxel 3D sculpting and modeling software solution. Create organic designs and edit and transform existing 3D data with sculpting, shaping and detailing tools not found in traditional CAD software. Get the sensation of clay modeling with the benefits of digital design.

More info.
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3D Systems Geomagic Control X 2017.0.3 Software
3D Systems Geomagic Control X 2017.0.3

3D Systems Geomagic Control X 2017.0.3

Geomagic Control X is a comprehensive metrology software platform that delivers the industry’s most powerful tools within straightforward workflows. With Geomagic Control X quality managers are enabled with revolutionary ease-of-use, intuitive, comprehensive controls and traceable, repeatable workflows for the quality measurement process. Its fast, precise, information-rich reporting and analysis enable significant productivity and quality gains in any manufacturing workflow. With a new User Interface, innovative new metrology and inspection tools, workflow-driven, preplanned processes and casual walk-up inspection, and more, Geomagic Control X delivers an unparalleled ease-of-use and comprehension for 3D inspection in any manufacturing workflow. Now accurate measurement and fast analysis of manufactured parts and assemblies is on-hand for anyone looking to significantly build quality in manufactured parts and assemblies. Have the freedom to measure in any order or style you desire, while the powerful Synchronous Inspection system captures the data hierarchy and automation in the background for repeatable and editable processes. Enjoy the power of Geomagic Control X where you spend more time focusing on getting the results, not time worrying about how to make the software work for you. Quickly conduct First Article inspections using the CAD-based dimensioning tools and have communication-ready information instantly at your fingertips. Native CAD importers including those which contain model-based GD&T definition are delivered standard at no additional cost.

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Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures Bookware
Dan Dubina, Viorel Ungureanu, Raffaele Landolfo - Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures
Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures
Part 1-3 – Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures

Wiley, 2012
pdf, 676 pages, english
ISBN: 978-3-433-02979-4

Design of Cold-formed Steel Structures

Following pioneering research in the 1940s, research into cold-formed steel intensified in the 1970s and led to numerous national European design specifications, and subsequently the preparation of Part 1-3 of Eurocode3 (EN1993-1-3) for cold-formed steel structures. Now a Euronorm, EN1993-1-3 is fully embedded in the Eurocode framework. This book serves as a reference text for design engineers using EN1993-1-3. It forms part of the suite of ECCS Eurocode Design Manuals prepared in recent years for other parts of EN1993 and other Eurocodes to aid the implementation of Eurocodes in European states. The book draws on the authors’ considerable experience with designing cold-formed steel structures, both as academics and practitioners, and strikes a balance between theory and practice. Applications of cold-formed steel have broadened over the years. Coldformed steel is now used as primary structural elements, as in steel framed residential buildings, steel storage racks, portal frames, and tubular truss and frame structures, and as secondary structural elements, as in roofing and wall systems featuring purlins, girts and corrugated steel sheeting. Additionally, integrated building systems have been developed, such as cassettes, as have stressed skin principles for designing the building envelope. The design of cold-formed steel is perceived to be challenging by many structural engineers because the thinness of the steel leads to buckling and failure modes not found in the design of hot-rolled and fabricated steel structures. Furthermore, roll-forming techniques have developed rapidly in recent decades and spawned highly optimised cross sections featuring intermediate stiffeners and complex lip stiffeners, which are not easily designed using conventional methods. The book covers the design of structural members of complex shapes and connections as well as the design of integrated structural solutions, such as cassettes, and design using stressed skin principles. The structural behaviour and design to EN1993-1-3 are explained and numerous worked examples are included to guide or enable a cross-check for structural design engineers. The final Chapter 8 deserves a special mention as it addresses the comprehensive range of considerations other than structural to be made in cold-formed steel construction, including thermal transmission and sound, serviceability, durability, sustainability and recyclability. Methods of design for single and multi-storey housing are explained in detail, concluding with a comprehensive worked example of a residential building. This book presents a landmark in the development of guidelines for the structural design of cold-formed steel. It is arguably the most extensive reference available for designing cold-formed steel structures to EN1993-1-3, and will serve the structural engineering community well in adapting to the expanding range of residential and industrial applications of cold-formed steel.

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Datamine Studio EM v2.1.170.0 Software
Datamine Studio EM v2.1.170.0 x64

Datamine Studio EM v2.1.170.0

Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base technology of Datamine’s hugely successful Studio software series, Studio EM includes point and string editing, wireframing, basic block modelling and estimation functionality as well as the ability to dynamically link to an existing drillhole database. Studio EM also has a full set of plotting functionality for producing section plots, plan plots, strip logs and reports as well as comprehensive 3D viewing and the option to publish 3D pdf files.

  • Integration - Studio EM can integrate with a host of existing data formats including the ability to dynamically link to a drillhole database for real time updates.
  • Image support - easily import and view georeferenced images from a host of formats to drape as flat images or fit to existing topography data.
  • Solids modelling - flexible tools to allow for either manual or automated creation of wireframe solids or surfaces to represent geological features.
  • Block Modelling - harness the power of Datamine’s renowned block modelling tools to quickly create accurate volumetric models and carry out basic grade estimation.
  • Communication - Save 3D data in the form of 3D pdf files that can be viewed on any device with a pdf viewer.
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Minitab v18.1.0 Software
Minitab v18.1.0

Minitab v18.1.0

Minitab является пакетом программ для обработки статистических данных. Он был разработан в Университете штата Пенсильвания  как облегчённая версия OMNITAB, программы статистического анализа, разработанной в Национальном институте стандартов и технологий.

Сегодня Minitab часто используется в сочетании с применением методик Шесть сигма, CMMI и другими статистическими процедурами, основанными на методах развития.

Использование Minitab:
  • Управления данными и файлами - электронные таблицы для улучшения анализа данных;
  • Регрессионный анализ;
  • Мощность и размер выборки;
  • Таблицы и диаграммы;
  • Многомерный анализ, включающий факторный анализ, кластерный анализ, анализ соответствий;
  • Непараметрический анализ - различные тесты, включая вокальный тест, критерий серий, тест Фридмана;
  • Временные ряды и прогнозирование - инструменты, которые помогают выявить тенденции в данных, а также прогнозирование будущих значений. Диаграммы временных рядов, экспоненциальное сглаживание, анализ тенденций;
  • Статистическое управление процессами;
  • Системный анализ измерений;
  • Дисперсионный анализ - определение различий между точками данных.
Whats new.
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Composite Structures according to Eurocode 4: Worked Examples Bookware
Darko Dujmovic, Boris Androic, Ivan Lukacevic - Composite Structures according to Eurocode 4: Worked Examples

Wiley, 2014
pdf, 926 pages, english
ISBN: 978-3-433-03107-0

Composite Structures according to Eurocode 4: Worked Examples

The use of composite structures in construction is increasing. The optimized combination of the two materials concrete and steel produces particularly cost-efficient structures. This book presents a large number of numerical examples with detailed explanations of the provisions of Eurocode 4. It deals with the most common structural components in building construction: beams, columns and slabs. Furthermore, comprehensive chapters provide insight into the topics of creep and shrinkage, as well as fatigue. This book enables the reader to efficiently perform analyses of composite structures. It is a valuable reference book for professionals as well as an outstanding means for students to become familiar with the Eurocode 4.

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Datamine Studio RM v1.3.36.0 Software
Datamine Studio RM v1.3.36.0 x64

Datamine Studio RM v1.3.36.0

Studio RM is the latest update of Datamine’s industry-leading tool for resource and reserve evaluation with a proven track record of over 30 years, replacing Studio 3. With its new activity-based user interface and trusted multi-parametric modelling capabilities, Studio RM is even more powerful and easier to use than its predecessors to deliver corporate resource and reserve information with the quality, accuracy and reliability required by geologists, management and downstream users. Studio RM has the required auditability, repeatability and functionality to produce resource and reserve statements according to the standards demanded by the JORC, SAMREC, NI 43-101 and Guide 7 reporting codes.

  • Accuracy - produce resource and reserve models that accurately represent geology, structure, mineralisation and grade.
  • Attribute support - include costs and engineering factors within multi-parametric models to more accurately represent mining reserves.
  • Automation - update models and reports using consistent rules and methodologies as new data becomes available. Save time and reduce errors by easily capturing and automating pieces of workflow to reliably carry out repetitive tasks.
  • Integration - derive value from all your data sources in one place with our comprehensive read and write capability.
  • Communication - Publish to Summit for secure storage and viewing in 3D online, or save data in the form of 3D pdf files that can be viewed on any device with a pdf viewer.
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Design of Joints in Steel and Composite Structures Bookware
Jean-Pierre Jaspart & Klaus Weynand - Design of Joints in Steel and Composite Structures
Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures. Part 1-8 Design of Joints.
Eurocode 4: Design of Composite Steel and Concrete Structures. Part 1-8 Design of Joints.

Wiley, 2016
pdf, 402 pages, english
ISBN: 978-3-433-02985-5

Design of Joints in Steel and Composite Structures

This book details the basic concepts and the design rules included in Eurocode 3:

  • Design of steel structures: Part 1-8.
  • Design of joints.
  • Joints in composite construction are also addressed through references to Eurocode 4.
  • Design of composite steel and concrete structures.
  • Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings.
Attention has to be duly paid to the joints when designing a steel or composite structure, in terms of the global safety of the construction, and also in terms of the overall cost, including fabrication, transportation and erection. Therefore, in this book, the design of the joints themselves is widely detailed, and aspects of selection of joint configuration and integration of the joints into the analysis and the design process of the whole construction are also fully covered.

Connections using mechanical fasteners, welded connections, simple joints, moment-resisting joints and lattice girder joints are considered. Various joint configurations are treated, including beam-to-column, beam-to-beam, column bases, and beam and column splice configurations, under different loading situations (axial forces, shear forces, bending moments and their combinations).

The book also briefly summarises the available knowledge relating to the application of the Eurocode rules to joints.
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Spider Financial NumXL v1.65.42892.1 Software
Spider Financial NumXL v1.65.42892.1

Spider Financial NumXL v1.65.42892.1

NumXL is a suite of time series Excel add-ins. It transforms your Microsoft Excel application into a first-class time series software and econometric tool, offering the kind of statistical accuracy offered by the far more expensive statistical packages. NumXL integrates natively with Excel, adding scores of econometric functions, a rich set of shortcuts, and intuitive user interfaces to guide you through the entire process. Whether you have a simple homework problem or a large-scale business project, NumXL simplifies your efforts. It helps you reach your goal in the quickest, most thorough way possible. NumXL keeps your data and results connected in Excel, letting you trace your calculations, add new data points or update an existing analysis, easily sharing your result with co-workers - and, yes, even with your boss. The learning curve couldn't be easier: NumXL requires no programming or scripting. You will not have to move your data between any external programs. You can also do any kind of ad-hoc analysis, as all of NumXL functions are accessible in your spreadsheet, and inside VBA environment should you choose to script.

More info.
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Datamine Studio UG v1.0.38.0 Software
Datamine Studio UG v1.0.38.0 x64

Datamine Studio UG v1.0.38.0

Studio UG v1 - первый шаг на пути модернизации Studio 5D Planner. Первая версия Studio UG обладает инструментами проектирования и поддерживает MSO v3.

Вот несколько возможностей Studio UG v1:

  • Многооконный режим проектирования с индивидуальными настройками видов
  • Простое переключение между разрезами, их создание и сохранение
  • Отрисовка стрингов в нескольких окнах
  • Отображение полной трёхмерной блочной модели с динамическим отчётом по каркасам
  • Работа с плоскостью проектирования в 3D виде
  • Автоматическое выравнивание вида относительно плоскости
  • Динамический контроль ширины и положения разреза
  • Быстрая графика и поддержка больших файлов благодаря 64-битной технологии
  • Мощные инструменты для исправления каркасов
  • Исправление съёмки забоя и создание 3D-поверхности
  • Использование закрытых каркасов для последующей сверки
  • Новые настройки нарезки и метод призм
  • Интуитивный интерфейс для упрощения настройки
  • Динамический обзор ориентации забоя и сравнение с областью блочной модели
  • Увеличенное количество точек забоя до 6-8
  • Ограничение забоя структурой (кровлей рудного тела или разломом)
  • Ориентация почвы забоя по наклонным рудным выработкам
  • Создание забоев с коронообразным профилем и корытообразной формы
  • Анализ чувствительности в одно нажатие с использованием многоядерных процессоров
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