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Eric Chappell - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials Bookware

Eric Chappell - AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials

official Autodesk press 

Get a thorough introduction to AutoCAD Civil 3D, the industry-leading engineering software used to design roads, highways, subdivisions, drainage and sewer systems, and more. This Autodesk Official Press book is a unique learning resource that features concise, straightforward explanations and real-world, hands-on exercises and tutorials. With compelling full-color screenshots and approachable exercises that demonstrate core features and functions, the book helps you gain understanding and confidence as you master this premiere civil engineering software.

  • Introduces the software's interface and foundational concepts.
  • Follows a workflow-based approach that mirrors how projects progress in the real world, and guides you through importing and working with field survey data, managing point data with groups and styles, and modeling terrain using surfaces.
  • Covers creating and editing alignments and profiles, designing 3D road models, building and analyzing terrain models, designing and analyzing pipe networks, and much more.
  • Shows how to estimate quantities and create construction documentation.
  • Provides information to help you prepare for the Civil 3D certification exam.

AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials is the perfect, real-world introduction to the powerful civil engineering software.

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Don Bokmiller, Simon Whitbread, Plamen Hristov - Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2014 Bookware

Don Bokmiller, Simon Whitbread, Plamen Hristov - Mastering Autodesk Revit MEP 2014

official Autodesk press 

This Autodesk Official Press book will help you develop your expertise with Revit MEP's core concepts and functionality. Based on the authors' years of real-world experience, this comprehensive reference and tutorial has been updated to cover all of the new features of Revit MEP, and includes best practices, techniques, tips, tricks, and real-world exercises to help you hone your skills.

  • Shows how to use the interface effectively, explains how to create and use project templates, and details ways you can improve efficiency with worksharing and collaboration.
  • Addresses generating schedules that show quantities, materials, design dependencies, and more.
  • Looks at creating logical air, water, and fire protection systems; evaluating building loads; and placing air and water distribution equipment.
  • Covers lighting, power receptacles and equipment, communication outlets and systems, and circuiting and panels.
  • Zeroes in on creating water systems, plumbing fixtures and their connectors, water piping, and more.

Featuring real-world scenarios and hands-on tutorials, this Autodesk Official Press book features downloadable before-and-after tutorial files so that you can compare your finished work to that of the professionals. It's the perfect resource for becoming a Revit MEP expert.

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Ryan Duell, Tobias Hathorn, Tessa Reist Hathorn - Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Essentials Bookware

Ryan Duell, Tobias Hathorn, Tessa Reist Hathorn - Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Essentials

official Autodesk press

Autodesk Revit Architecture is the powerful, sophisticated building information modeling (BIM) software that has transformed the architectural design industry. This Autodesk Official Press guide is the perfect introduction to the powerful software for architects, designers, and students. Three Revit experts provide concise explanations, real-world examples, and plenty of hands-on exercises and tutorials. You'll soon master the basics and then find yourself using the software confidently, productively, and effectively. Beginners will get comfortable with Revit's core features and functions. Current users will have a valuable reference to refresh and hone their skills. And everyone can use this practical book to help prepare for the Revit Architecture certification exams.

  • Gets readers up and running on Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014, Autodesk's industry-leading building information modeling software.
  • Explains core Revit tools, features, functionality, real-world workflows, and BIM concepts.
  • Covers schematic design, modeling, families, views, creating drawing sets, and more.
  • Features best practices, rendering and visualization, worksharing, documentation, and annotation.
  • Provides downloadable starting and ending files, so readers can compare their work to that of the pro's.
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James Vandezande, Eddy Krygiel, Phil Read - Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014 Bookware

James Vandezande, Eddy Krygiel, Phil Read - Mastering Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014

official Autodesk press

Thoroughly revised and updated, this comprehensive guide to Autodesk's industry-leading building information modeling (BIM) software features in-depth explanations, real-world examples, and practical tutorials help you grasp crucial tools, techniques, and concepts so you can quickly start doing real work in Revit. You will learn core BIM concepts and best practices for everything from putting together impressive building designs to producing solid documentation, creating visualizations that impress clients, and more. Hands-on exercises with downloadable before-and-after files provide plenty of opportunities to practice the real-world scenarios and hone all the crucial Revit skills.

  • Explains the user interface, general concepts, best practices, and new features of Revit 2014.
  • Teaches modeling, massing, and visualization with Revit.
  • Helps users develop extended modeling skills for walls, stairs, floors, and more.
  • Features detailed documentation and presentation techniques.
  • Provides detailed instruction, step-by-step tutorials, and numerous examples.
  • Includes downloadable starting and ending files and additional advanced content.
  • Offers information to help readers prepare for Autodesk's certification exams.
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Curtis Waguespack - Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2014 and Autodesk Inventor LT 2014 Bookware

Curtis Waguespack - Mastering Autodesk Inventor 2014 and Autodesk Inventor LT 2014

official Autodesk press

Autodesk Inventor has been used to design everything from cars and airplanes to appliances and furniture. This comprehensive guide to Inventor and Inventor LT features real-world workflows and work environments, and is packed with practical tutorials that focus on teaching Inventor tips, tricks, and techniques. Additionally, you can download datasets to jump in and practice on any exercise. 

This reference and tutorial explains key interface conventions, capabilities, tools, and techniques, including design concepts and application, parts design, assemblies and subassemblies, weldment design, and the use of Design Accelerators and Design Calculators. There's also detailed coverage of design tactics for large assemblies, effective model design for various industries, strategies for effective data and asset sharing, using 2D and 3D data from other CAD systems, and improving designs by incorporating engineering principles.


  • Uses real-world sample projects so you can quickly grasp the interface, tools, and processes.
  • Features detailed documentation on everything from project set up to simple animations and documentation for exploded views, sheet metal flat patterns, plastic part design, and more.
  • Covers crucial productivity-boosting tools, iLogic, data exchange, the Frame Generator, Inventor Studio visualization tools, dynamic simulation and stress analysis features, and routed systems features.
  • Downloadable datasets let you jump into the step-by-step tutorials anywhere.
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George Omura, Brian C. Benton - Mastering AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 Bookware

George Omura, Brian C. Benton - Mastering AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014

official Autodesk press

This Autodesk Official Press book helps you become an AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT expert and has been fully updated to cover all of AutoCAD's new capabilities. Featuring the popular, empowering presentation style of veteran award-winning author George Omura, this indispensable resource teaches AutoCAD essentials using concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and hands-on projects.

  • Introduces you to the basics of the interface and drafting tools.
  • Details how to effectively use hatches, fields, and tables.
  • Covers attributes, dynamic blocks, curves, and geometric constraints.
  • Explores 3D modeling and imaging.
  • Discusses customization and integration.
  • Helps you prepare for the AutoCAD certification exams.
  • Features a website that includes all the project files necessary for the tutorials.
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Уваров А.С. - P-CAD. Электронное моделирование Bookware

Уваров А.С. - P-CAD. Электронное моделирование


Диалог-МИФИ, 2008
djvu, 195 pages, russian

Уваров А.С. - P-CAD. Электронное моделирование
Данная книга является пособием, позволяющим быстро освоить и в дальнейшем использовать приемы моделирования электронных устройств средствами программы P-CAD. Это программа дает возможность, разрабатывая новые устройства, включить процедуру электронного моделирования в сквозной цикл разработки печатной платы. Такая организация работы позволит на ранних стадиях получать реальные данные о работоспособности создаваемого устройства и ожидаемые результаты. В целом внедрение электронного моделирования сокращает сроки проектирования и повышает их качество. Книга рассчитана на специалистов и разработчиков различных электронных устройств, а также студентов технических вузов.
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Цай Т.Н. - Железобетонные конструкции Bookware

Цай Т.Н. - Строительные конструкции. Железобетонные конструкции

Лань, 2012
pdf, 464 pfges, russian
ISBN: 978-5-8114-1314-0

Цай Т.Н. - Железобетонные конструкции

В учебнике освещаются основы теории расчета и конструирования железобетонных конструкций. Рассматриваются сборные, монолитные, сборно-монолитные и предварительно наряженные железобетонные конструкции промышленных и гражданских зданий и сооружений. Приведены примеры расчета и конструирования. Учебник предназначен для студентов средних специальных учебных заведений, обучающихся по строительным специальностям.

Дополнительно к учебнику приложен СНиП 52-01-2003 Бетонные и железобетонные конструкции - данные нормы и правила распространяются на все типы бетонных и железобетонных конструкций, применяемых в промышленном, гражданском, транспортном, гидротехническом и других областях строительства, изготавливаемых из всех видов бетона и арматуры и подвергаемых любым видам воздействий.


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Основы T-FLEX CAD. Двухмерное проектирование и черчение Bookware

Основы T-FLEX CAD. Двухмерное проектирование и черчение.

АО Топ Системы, 2011
pdf, 860 pages, russian

Основы T-FLEX CAD. Двухмерное проектирование и черчение

T-FLEX CAD – система параметрического автоматизированного проектирования и черчения. Она обеспечивает высокую степень гибкости и возможность изменения изображения при сохранении соотношений между элементами, предусмотренных разработчиком. Уникальный механизм параметризации и полный набор профессиональных инструментов компьютерного проектирования позволяют существенно упростить процесс конструирования и оформления графической документации. T-FLEX CAD позволяет использовать конструктору в CAD-программе опыт работы на кульмане.

Данная книга является официальным руководством пользователя.


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Добромыслов А.Н. - Примеры расчета конструкций железобетонных инженерных сооружений Bookware

Добромыслов А.Н. - Примеры расчета конструкций железобетонных инженерных сооружений


Ассоциации строительных вузов, 2010
pdf, 270 pages, russian

Добромыслов А.Н. - Примеры расчета конструкций железобетонных инженерных сооружений

В книге приведены цифровые примеры расчета и конструирования железобетонных конструкций инженерных сооружений массового применения: подпорных стен, тоннелей и каналов, различных типов резервуаров, бункеров, силосов, водонапорных башен, опор трубопроводов, коллекторов, малых мостов и пандусов, открытых крановых эстакад. Содержатся необходимые справочные материалы и пояснения для выполнения расчетов.

Для инженеров-строителей и студентов строительных вузов.

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