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Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings Bookware
Bungale S. Taranath -
Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings: Steel and Composite Construction
CRC Press, 2011
pdf, 710 pages, english
ISBN: 9781439850893
Bridging the gap between the conceptual approach and computer analysis, Structural Analysis and Design of Tall Buildings: Steel and Composite Construction integrates the design aspects of steel and composite buildings in one volume. Using conceptual thinking and basic strength of material concepts as foundations, the book shows engineers how to use imperfect information to estimate the answer to larger and more complex design problems by breaking them down into more manageable pieces. Written by an accomplished structural engineer, this book discusses the behavior and design of lateral load-resisting systems; the gravity design of steel and composite floors and columns; and methods for determining wind loads. It also examines the behavior and design of buildings subject to inelastic cyclic deformation during large earthquakes—with an emphasis on visual and descriptive analysis - as well as the anatomy of seismic provisions and the rehabilitation of seismically vulnerable steel buildings.
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AISC Steel Construction Manual (13th edition) Bookware
American Institute of Steel (AISC) - Steel Construction Manual (13th edition) 

American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), 2005
pdf, 2190 pages, english
ISBN: 1-56424-055-X
AISC Steel Construction Manual (13th edition) 
This Manual is the thirteenth major update of the AISC Steel Construction Manual, which was first published in 1927. With this revision, the previously separate Allowable Stress Design and Load and Resistance Factor Design methods have been combined. Thus, this Manual replaces both the 9th Edition ASD Manual and the 3rd Edition LRFD Manual. Much of the HSS Connections Manual has also been incorporated and updated in this Manual. The following specifications, codes, and standards are printed in Part 16 of this Manual:
- 2005 AISC Specification for Structural Steel Buildings;
- 2004 RCSC Specification for Structural Joints Using ASTM A325 or A490 Bolts;
- 2005 AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges.

The following major improvements have been made in this revision:
- The number of design examples has been expanded and included in a companion CD.
- All tabular information has been updated to comply with the 2005 Specification for Structural Buildings and the standards and other documents referenced therein.
- Shape information has been updated to ASTM A6-05, including the new W36 shape series.
- Design methods have been delineated by making use of a dual color format, with numbers indicated in blue type representing LRFD design values, and numbers indicated in green shading representing ASD design values. Tabulated values presented in black type are independent of design method
- Information on HSS connections has been integrated throughout this Manual.
- W8 members have been reintegrated into design tables with cautionary statements regarding accessibility and dimensional constraints for connections made to them.
- Shapes with special design considerations, such as slenderness in compression or non-compactness in flexure, have been indicated throughout the member selection tables with footnotes.
- Workable flat dimensions of HSS members have been tabulated.
- Design properties for Pipe are now tabulated using the same wall thickness reduction factor used for HSS.
- An overview of provisions and a simplified method have been included for second-order analysis and stability requirements.
- New information has been added on corrosion protection and compatibility of dissimilar metals.
- Charts have been added for shear strength of plate girders.
- Lower-bound strengths for eccentrically loaded single angles have been tabulated
- Tables have been added for the critical buckling stress of compression members.
- Tables for members subjected to combined axial load and bending have been expanded and improved.
- A table has been provided for calculating the strength of concentrically loaded weld groups.
- A direct calculation method has been added for calculating the buckling strength of double coped members.
- Prying action provisions have been modified so that the tensile strength is used in the calculation rather than the yield strength.
- Beam bearing constants have been expanded to include all crippling and yielding cases.
- Revised design procedures for single-plate shear connections have been adopted, including a new design procedure for extended single-plate shear connections.
- An updated design procedure for moment end-plate connections has been adopted based upon yield-line analysis.
- The uniform force method weld ductility factor has changed from 1.4 to 1.25.
- Guidance on washer selection for anchor rods has been expanded.
- The design of bracket plates has been modified so that the plastic section modulus is used rather than the elastic section modulus.
- The AISC Design Guide Series and other supporting references have been further integrated through indexing and references to this material, where appropriate.

In addition, many other improvements have been made throughout the new 13th Edition of the AISC Steel Construction Manual.
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SPT Group OLGA ABC v2.2.0.111091 Software
SPT Group OLGA Advanced Blowout Control v2.2.0.111091

SPT Group OLGA ABC v2.2.0.111091

SPT Group releases a new version of OLGA Advanced Blowout Control. Since its first release in 2009, OLGA Advanced Blowout Control has been used for operational decision support in many renowned well control incidents – and frequently to produce contingency plans for wells in general. The solution has provided drilling engineers and well control specialist with a powerful, accurate and reliable tool to analyze and plan dynamic kill and relief well operations. The increased focus on well control has given us valuable input from our customers upon which we base development of an even better and more powerful tool. The OLGA Advanced Blowout Control tool still provides a unique combination of the Drillbench graphical user interface and the powerful OLGA engine. 

The new release contain several very important features and improvements taking the tool to a new level. The most important improvements are:
  • More flexibility – capable of handling all typical blowout scenarios.
  • Blowout at different positions; subsea, rig or land.
  • The reservoir model has been significantly improved.
  • New graphic solutions with interactive visualization of results in 3D.
  • Fits into the well control solutions workflow provided by SPT Group drilling software.
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Bentley Maxsurf Enterprise V8i v20.00.01.59 SS3 x86+x64 Software
Bentley Maxsurf Enterprise V8i v20.00.01.59 SS3 x86+x64

Bentley Maxsurf Enterprise V8i v20.00.01.59 SS3 x86+x64

Maxsurf provides naval architects with software tools for all phases of the vessel design and analysis process. By using a common 3D surface model, design files can be optimized to accurately flow through concept, initial, and detailed design stages. With Maxsurf, users can confidently model hull forms; assess stability and strength; predict performance; and carry out initial structural definition and analysis.

All Maxsurf modules share a consistent graphical interface - which reduces training time, increases ease of use, and allows designers to visualize complex configurations. Maxsurf is based on industry standards, including trimmed NURB surface modeling, DXF, and IGES data exchange. It also exhibits powerful interoperability, easily transferring data with Bentley’s MicroStation, as well as Rhino, AutoCAD, ShipConstructor, SolidWorks, and Microsoft Office programs.
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TransMagic Expert R10 v10.01 Software
TransMagic Expert R10 v10.01

TransMagic Expert R10 v10.01

TransMagic Expert R10 v10.01

TransMagic является провайдером самостоятельных CAD инструментов для трансляции данных. Флагманский продукт компании - TransMagic Expert (Plus) обновлен до версии R7 sp2.

Дополнительно к уже существующим CAD трансляторам была добавлена совместимость с CATIA V5. TransMagic обладает функциями трансляции и восстановления файлов CATIA V5. Программа позволяет осуществлять прямую трансляцию данных, причем быстро и эффективно, а также исправлять эти данные и просматривать 3D CAD файлы из CATIA V5, CATIA V4, Unigraphics, Pro/ENGINEER, STEP и IGES, а также сотен приложений ACIS и Parasolid, например, SolidWorks и Inventor, через формат SAT и X_T.
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Кодекс & Техэксперт v6.2.7.307 Software
Кодекс & Техэксперт v6.2.7.307 portable

Кодекс & Техэксперт v6.2.7.307

Содержание российских нормативных актов меняется практически ежедневно, регулярно принимаются новые законы, в старые вносятся изменения и поправки. Поэтому на сегодняшний день каждой компании и организации необходим постоянный доступ к актуальной проверенной нормативно-правовой информации. Самым современным и надежным источником получения такой информации являются профессиональные справочные системы Кодекс.

Техэксперт - это ведущий бренд российского рынка нормативно-технической информации, один из первопроходцев данной отрасли, более 15 лет являющийся стандартом качества и символом передовых технологий нового поколения. Техэксперт ориентирован на руководителей и специалистов производственных подразделений предприятий и организаций всех основных отраслей экономики: энергетики, нефтегазовой промышленности, строительства, машиностроения, связи и других.
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MicroSurvey CAD 2014 Studio v14.0.2.13 Software
MicroSurvey CAD 2014 Studio v14.0.2.13

MicroSurvey CAD 2014 Studio v14.0.2.13

MicroSurvey CAD - полнофункциональная программа для обработки данных геодезических изысканий и проектирования, разработанная для изыскателей, строителей и инженеров. Программа поддерживает такие возможности, как подготовка чертежей по результатам изысканий, COGO, ЦММ, полигонометрическая съёмка, расчёт объёмов, горизонтали и интерфейсы для загрузки данных съёмки.

1. Комплексная обработка данных геодезических съемок и проектирование:
- Загрузка данных с приборов, расчёты и проектирование, создание чертежей, проверка и выпуск на печать – всё включено в единый пакет для эффективной работы на всех этапах проведения изысканий.
- Привычный интерфейс и командная строка - любой специалист с опытом работы в AutoCAD сможет приступить к работе в MicroSurvey CAD без какой-либо дополнительного обучения.
- Понятные принципы работы – объектная привязка, координаты, команды редактирования – «Обрезать», «Переместить», «Копировать», «Масштаб», «Сопряжение», «Повернуть» - используются так же, как основные инструменты и команды AutoCAD.
- Совместимость с AutoCAD: программа MicroSurvey CAD совместима с файлами DWG AutoCAD R2.5-2009.

2. Мощные средства расчётов:
- COGO (координатная геометрия) – MicroSurvey CAD включает наиболее простой и эффективный способ ввода и записи данных COGO в CAD-системе, а также поддержку функций автоматической записи всех команд COGO с использованием командных файлов, создаваемых в редакторе.
- Интерфейсы с устройствами сбора данных: MicroSurvey CAD поддерживает форматы всех распространённых тахеометров и устройств сбора данных.
- Преобразование подобия (Хелмерта).
- Бесконечный перечень возможностей и функций – усреднение по множеству точек, кластерный анализ, трассы, площади, постоянные площади, пересечения массивов, множества перпендикулярных линий, расчёты разбивки и многое другое.
- Преобразование координат – простые инструменты преобразования данных из одной системы в другую.

3. Комплексное уравнивание полигонов и сетей:
- Уравнивание углов.
- Поддержка методов перехода, компаса и Крэндалла.
- Вертикальная корректировка.
- Уравнивание трёхмерных сетей по методу наименьших квадратов.
- Обнаружение погрешностей.
- Библиотека параметров приборов.
- Графическое отображение эллипсов.
- Функции повторной обработки и предварительный анализ данных.

4. Технология активного черчения:
- Технология активного черчения MicroSurvey представляет собой новый и эффективный способ работы с геодезическими данными. Она обеспечивает проверку, редактирование, печать и управление данными в чертежах, базах данных координат и ходов, а также при расчётах COGO.
- Редактор координат.
- Редактор полигональных ходов.
- Пакетный редактор COGO.

5. Интеллектуальные данные:
- Интеллектуальные объекты: линии, точки, кривые и текст.
- Выбор и автоматическое редактирование объектов без запуска команды.
- Просмотр всей базы данных координат путём простого выбора любой из точек в чертеже.

6. Построение / моделирование ЦММ и вычисление объёмов:
- Трёхмерное тонирование.
- Неограниченные возможности при работе с точками.
- Простота использования: создание ЦММ и горизонталей за 4 простых шага.

7. Полный набор функций планирования местности:
- Планы участков местности: водоёмы, кюветы, отвалы и откосы.
- Планы дорог: горизонтальные и вертикальные трассы, шаблоны поперечных сечений.
- Функции создания поперечных сечений местности.

Version 2014 is built on the updated IntelliCAD 7.2c CAD engine. This version contains many bug fixes and additional CAD drafting features. More info about news in 2014 version is here.
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IMAGE Information Systems iQ-VIEW 3D v2.8.0.101 Software
IMAGE Information Systems iQ-VIEW 3D v2.8.0.101

IMAGE Information Systems iQ-VIEW 3D v2.8.0.101

iQ-VIEW is an easy-to-use reading station that has been designed by radiologists for radiologists.The software is available in two different versions: BASIC and PRO. The BASIC version was developed as a reading station for all physicians, such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, veterinarians and internal specialists, while iQ-VIEW PRO is optimized for radiology and nuclear medicine requirements.

iQ-VIEW can be integrated into virtually any RIS, EMR or HIS available on today’s market. Additional modules for 3D post-processing, nuclear medicine, orthopedic templating, image stitching and more equip specialty readers with the required tools.

iQ-VIEW is a fast and powerful reading station, which includes many additional useful features, such as a basic structured reporting module. It is also ideal for teleradiology purposes - encrypted DICOM email makes it possible.

iQ-VIEW is the first viewer worldwide that has received the DICOM-CD certificate of the German Radiological Society. This guarantees that portable media created with iQ-VIEW fulfill the requirements for DICOM media and they can be used properly on any computer fulfilling the minimum requirements.

iQ-VIEW 3D is an optional module, which turns iQ-VIEW / PRO into a full-featured 3D workstation for virtually all kinds of 3D image processing, e.g. for vascular, neuroradiological, traumatological, orthopaedic and cardiac imaging.
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GeoStru Slope v2014.18.2.1057 Software / Sport
GeoStru Slope v2014.18.2.1057

GeoStru Slope v2014.18.2.1057

Slope carries out the analysis of soil or rock slope stability both in static and seismic states utilizing the limit equilibrium methods of Fellenius, Bishop, Janbu, Bell, Sarma, Spencer, Morgenstern & Price and Discrete elements method (DEM) for circular and non circular surfaces by which it is possible to ascertain slippages in the slope, examine a gradual failure, and employ various models of force-deformation relationship. Reinforcements with piles, gravity and/or reinforced concrete bracing walls, nettings, geofabrics, anchors, and terracing may be specified. Distributed and point loads may be defined.

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