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Advance Steel and / or Advance Concrete customer letter

They sold their souls to the devil

Dear Advance Steel and Advance Concrete user,

It is with great pleasure and honor for me, Francis Guillemard, as founder and CEO of Graitec, to share with you very exclusive news.

Indeed Autodesk has signed a definitive agreement with Graitec to acquire certain technology assets, including its Advance Steel and Advance Concrete product lines, and associated employees.

The acquisition will enhance Autodesk’s current offerings for structural engineering and expand its portfolio of technology for Building Information Modeling (BIM) for structural fabrication and detailing.

Why is Autodesk acquiring technology assets from Graitec?
Autodesk’s strategy is to extend BIM across the building lifecycle beyond design to support fabrication and construction of structural systems with best-in-class solutions. With the acquisition of Advance Steel and Advance Concrete Technology, Autodesk is expanding its technology and gaining domain expertise to accelerate the adoption of BIM for structural detailing and fabrication, and to connect BIM workflows between engineers, engineering consultants and contractors.

What does that means for me as a user of Advance Steel or Advance Concrete?
In fact, Graitec will remain your support partner as it is today, providing the best in class support to your daily use of this core technology. The development of Advance Steel and Advance concrete will now be done by Autodesk. For such development, a team of over 40 Graitec developers has joined Autodesk, and will guarantee the continuity of the development for both products.

What happens to Graitec ?
Graitec will continue to reinforce its expertise in the structural field. We continue to develop and market our Structural analysis solutions (Advance Design, Arche, Melody, CS Statik, Superstress). In close collaboration with Autodesk, Graitec will also develop vertical add-ons to the Autodesk BIM solutions, aiming to enhance the customer experience with specific and vertical expertise. This R&D investment will be particularly important for Advance Steel in order to complete and extend the products automation.

Last but not least, Graitec continues to be your partner for any sales, training or support purpose. Graitec benefits from an exclusive agreement with Autodesk for Advance Steel and Concrete.

To summarise, in the future, the development of Advance Steel and Advance Concrete will be done at Autodesk, the customer relationship such as the support and training will continue to be the responsibility of Graitec.

We have worked all along this acquisition process, having constantly in mind the best interest for the Advance Steel and Concrete users.

As founder of Graitec, I personally believe that this is a fantastic opportunity for the future. From a product perspective, Advance Steel and Concrete will definitely benefit from the best BIM platform and environment, but also from the AEC experience and unique knowledge of Autodesk. We also expect to see the user community drastically increase, making Advance Steel and Concrete the solutions of choice for Steel and Concrete detailing markets.

Most importantly for Graitec and for me, we will continue to serve you, with our best local support in order to secure your loyalty and custom with Graitec as the industry specialists with unique vertical and industry knowledge.

Graitec is very proud to partner with Autodesk to continue to serve the industry with a common vision and strategy and a shared customer centric approach.

Each and every Graitec employee is available to answer any question you might have. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Graitec, your AEC partner for the future.

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Thin Film Center Essential Macleod v9.7.0 Software
Thin Film Center Essential Macleod v9.7.0

Thin Film Center Essential Macleod v9.7.0

The Essential Macleod is a comprehensive software package for the design, analysis, manufacture and trouble shooting of thin film optical coatings. The program has a true multiple document interface. It can handle coatings from rugates to ultrafast, from single-layer antireflection coatings to demanding color separation beamsplitters, providing all that is necessary for their design, analysis, production planning and even reverse engineering of a failed production attempt. A wide range of performance parameters, from straightforward transmittance and reflectance to color coordinates in different color spaces, is built into the software. It can synthesize designs from scratch or refine existing ones, investigate errors and extract optical constants of film materials for use in designs. It consists of a Core that is its minimum configuration. The Core is supplemented by a number of optional Enhancements that extend the capabilities in various directions.

More info.

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